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Thought Of You

It’s really nice to see a really good 2D animation that isn’t commercialized.  This piece title “Thought of You” was animated by Ryan J. Woodward.  A veteran in animation, he’s worked in a lot of big productions.  He wanted to create something that he wanted to.  Not something that he was forced or had little input on.  With the help of a choreographer and some dancers for reference, he created a great dance that show emotions.

Drawn to it’s simplest form, he’s able to create the dance as it correlates to nature.  As for some of the technicalities, it took him about 3 months to animate this piece at 20 hours a week.  I’m surprised how smooth it is because it’s only at 24fps.  That’s a lot of dedication.  I guess it doesn’t really matter though, since he controls it all, he his own boss.  This was for his enjoyment not a chore.

If you want to find out more information about Ryan Woodward, check out his site at or his vimeo page with some professional work he did at

ThunderCats Rebooted

Oh yeah, let the childhood memories begin.  There’s always been a cult following for any nostalgic show.  Be it Star Wars, Star Trek, Transformers, etc.  I don’t know how big of a following ThunderCats  is, but I’m sure there is a following.  Heck,  there are shirts with the ThunderCats logo on it being sold today after having the original  show ending in the late ’80s.  Even people of all ages wear it.  Yes even kids who are too young to even know what a ThunderCat is.  Heck there are even rumors of a live action ThunderCats movie (James Cameron could easily direct that).  After 2 decades since the original, ThunderCats is getting reborn.

Now don’t be alarmed at what you see above.  That is the new design of the cats.  It seems like they look much younger than the 80’s  version.  Don’t freak out though, the animation house that doing the animating is none other than Studio 4°C.  Famous for the “Animatrix”, “Gotham Knights” and “Transformers Animated”.  As far as the story goes, looks like you won’t be disappointed in that area either, since the producers from “Teen Titans” and “Avatar: The Last Airbender” are attached  to it.  No details on when ThunderCats will air, but I’m sure a trailer will be released in the not to distant future.

In the mean time, let’s watch the intro of the original ThunderCats:

Thanks to Bleeding Cool for image.

Make It Better

Typography is one of the most important thing in graphic design. With things moving towards interactive art or motion, how do you spice up your typography. Well take a look at this piece called “Make It Better”. In less than a minute you can gather some ideas for your next project. You’re probably wondering how they did it. Well from what the animator (Sebastián Baptista) stated, there were a lot of keyframing going. Would be nice to see how the artist did the transistion from one type to the other.

Also take note how the sound design has taken the atmosphere of the piece to the next level. Don’t believe, well why don’t you just press the mute button on the video. You’ll notice it doesn’t feel complete without. So does any know how the artist went about to doing all those great transitions? If you do, I comment below.

Cat & Bird

You often see a cat and mouse, but rarely cat and bird. Who would have thought, that the two pair aren’t so hostile. This very short animation takes that idea in a fun chase. The style is very similar to the “Sales Man” and “The Buck” short. I’m just glad there are a lot more great 2D animation comes out. With the influx of 3D shorts, it a breath of fresh air seeing the 2D shorts.

Sky High

Nothing like some good visuals for a music video. This one is called Sky High. The animation is done pretty much in 2D with a hint of 3D. The design and mood is very fun and fits the song very well. I don’t know why, but some of the scenes remind me of the background desktop images you get when you use Windows 7. It something about the style. Anyways enjoy the sounds and sights of Sky High.