New Astro Boy Trailer


The new trailer for Astro Boy came out.  It shows a little more of the story for the movie.  In my opinion they really got the feel for the character.  He also seems to be a little  older than in the cartoons or comics.

Anyways, IMAGI is doing the animation for this.  IMAGI is a Hong Kong based animation studio.  They are best known for doing the CG animated TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).  From the looks of it, the company has picked up some new techniques.  As you can very well see, the image quality has improved siginifcantly from their previous projects.  I never thought they were going to finish this movie, as there has been some rumors a while back that money was an issue and IMAGI had to shutdown for a while.  I’m just glad this were able to complete it.  Now can someone please make a Mega Man movie.  Come on Capcom, you know you want to.

Astro Boy Official Movie Site : HERE

IMAGI website : HERE

Video courtesy of Youtube