Anime Like Movies from Japan

There is a certain look that the Japanese go for when it comes to their Scifi flicks.  Take this for instance.  Called Assault Girl.  The way the movie looks.  It is pretty washed out and gray.  Does it remind you of something?  It has the same blurry grayish look as Advent Children.  Even the hairstyles look the same.   They never seem to want to make it too real.  In the west they go for realism, in Japan they go for something else.  It does separate them though. When looking at it you can just tell from the style it came from Japan.  Even if there was not actor, I would still be able to tell.  Just take a look at the Assault Girls trailer (2009) and Casshern (2004).  Tell me, do you see what I mean.

Assault Girls :

Casshern Trailer: