Blender BMesh and Durian


Michael Fox has posted a preview of Blender 2.5’s revamped BMesh feature.  I’ve personally never used BMesh when I model objects, but this feature looks to be real cool.  I know all the cool things it brings such as n-gons and making your model look more “clean”, but in the final output (before the final render) do all polys turn into triangles?  How does this affect low-poly modelers who want total control over the triangles in their objects?

Check out the preview below.

Visit for more info on Blender’s BMesh project.

The Blender Durian Team has posted a video blog of their Preproduction week for the Durian Movie.  These guys look like they’re having one heck of a good time, which means we’ll get one heck of a good open movie.  As of 09-06-09, they’ve got 1223 pre-paid orders for Durian.  If you haven’t purchased yours yet, make sure to buy it before September 15th, so you can get your name in the credits.  We here at Renderphase have already purchased our copies.  Visit for more on Durian.