Blender Becomes The Speed Demon

Thats right.  It seems that Google Summer of Code project is having some success in the Blender world.  Thanks to Jaguarandi’s programming, Blender Internal render times seems to be considerably faster.  Raytracing also seemed to be  improved as well.  Now if the renderer is comparable to Cinema4D or Modo speed I’ll be very happy.  One thing I noticed in Blender 2.48-9 was it’s rendering.   Sure you can render some really impressive stuff, but the way it rendered, it would take considerably longer compared to similar internal renders of other software.  Add occlusion, raytracing and render times skyrocketed.

Virgilio Vasconcelos did a comparison of the renderers in Blender 2.49 and Blender 2.5 SVN 23930 with Blender Test file.  It might not be truely scientific, but others have seen great improvements as well.  Take a look for your self.