Mustard Plug Can’t Tame Crazy Aquabats in Chicago

Last Friday, on March 12, The Aquabats and Mustard Plug put on a show at Chicago’s Metro. I haven’t seen a rock show in a while and I’ve always wanted to see The Aquabats after hearing Rounin talk about how his old bud, famous concept artist @Zatransis, likes the band. Plus, Mustard Plug was playing and I’ve always enjoyed their “Pray for Mojo” album. @Mustard_Plug even responded to our question when we twitted if they can play the song “Away From Here” (they didn’t play it as it was probably too slow in tempo).

I had my usual balcony seat and I was sitting next to a kid with a little Aquabat mask that his father kept straightening out. I was surprised to a see some kids as I’ve always thought Aquabats had older fans because their videos had a 70’s Japanese Monster movie vibe going on it. Mustard Plug sounded and looked great. I can’t believe it has been about 10 years since I bought the Pray for Mojo album. They played a couple of songs from that album including Lolita. New songs were also played, but I can’t remember the names. Once Mustard Plug ended their set, the lead singer, Dave Kirchgessner went back out on stage and shook hands with many people from the front row. Very cool.

Then the Aquabats arrived. I had no idea what to expect, but these guys are one crazy band. They wear tight blue spandex with Robin the Boy-Wonder masks. Picture the character “Phantom”, but in blue suit and big bellies. They had insane videos playing in the background and it seemed like it was synced with their music. I had no clue what music they were playing since I’ve never actually listened to their songs. The music had enough melody to keep me entertained and the on stage shenanigans including play fights with strange characters kept me in my seat. All in all, good show and I think I’m officially tone deaf as my ears weren’t ringing even though I was near the venues’ speakers.