CS5 Is Coming

So it’s that time of the year.  After a year and a half, Adobe is about to release the next version of their creative suite.  Will it be worth it?  Probably.  Even though they released CS4, CS4 features didn’t entice artists to switch for such little new features.   The cost of performance/features to price wasn’t worth it.   CS5 will most likely change that.  For one thing, more of their programs are gonna be 64 bit.  Meaning that it will now be able to use all of the ram on your system unlike the previous version which were stuck using at most 4 gigs.  Now you can open really large pictures files and have an amazing amount of ram preview in After effects.

Some suggestion I would like to have in the new CS5.  I hope that they start to utilize the gpu cores more (would be great with After Effects).  Also, make the installer quicker, why is it such a hassle.  It’s freakin way to slow.  If you’re wondering when it going to be out, well, it’s going being released on April 12.   Adobe looks like they’ll have a press event on their site as well.  If you want to see a preview of what on CS5, check out this video of Photoshop CS5 and it’s “content aware fill”.  It is just crazy if not impossible.