Green Lantern’s Suite Will Be All CG

You may not agree with Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern, but don’t get upset that his suit is going to be all CG.  I for one welcome it.  It actually makes sense for this character.  It is from my understanding that Green Lantern’s suit is supposedly other worldly almost “magical” (yeah, that word has been used a lot lately especially from a certain fruit company); so it’s not supposed to be your typical Batman, Spiderman, and Superman suit.  He supposedly changes looks throughout the movie and scenes.  Why have a Ryan Reynolds wear multiple different looking suits when you can just do it all digital.  For those against it, well it’s been done before.  Check out Iron Man and it’s sequel.  It was done very convincingly and no one complained.

Now if movie companies can only just make real  3D movies and not just emulate so they could charge us an extra $5 on top of the already expensive tickets.

Story courtesy of  Slashfilm