Toy Story 3: Is It The End?

Saw the third installment of Toy Story.  I gotta say that Pixar never disappoints.  There’s a lot more great point than bad points.  Probably the only bad points were that it’s darker (literally in tone and environment for the youngins) than the last two and they didn’t have a music number like “You’ve Got A Friend In Me”.  Believe me, I’m not into music numbers in during a movie.

As always the animation was top notch.  What’s funny was when ever I see Ken and Barbie interacting, I was always thinking of Robot Chicken.  The way Ken and Barbie moved was exactly how the characters in the Robot Chicken skits moved.  It was hilarious.  If you’re a big anime fan, you should have noticed Totoro in one of the scenes.  They should have put Voltron in there to help out Buzz.  That would have been great.

I thought the story was pretty good as well and you might be surprised at the end with what all the toys including Buzz and Woody went through.  I don’t know if the ending is sad or happy or both, but Toy Story 3 is or will be another classic added to Pixar’s catalog (which is every freaking movie they made).