Thought Of You

It’s really nice to see a really good 2D animation that isn’t commercialized.  This piece title “Thought of You” was animated by Ryan J. Woodward.  A veteran in animation, he’s worked in a lot of big productions.  He wanted to create something that he wanted to.  Not something that he was forced or had little input on.  With the help of a choreographer and some dancers for reference, he created a great dance that show emotions.

Drawn to it’s simplest form, he’s able to create the dance as it correlates to nature.  As for some of the technicalities, it took him about 3 months to animate this piece at 20 hours a week.  I’m surprised how smooth it is because it’s only at 24fps.  That’s a lot of dedication.  I guess it doesn’t really matter though, since he controls it all, he his own boss.  This was for his enjoyment not a chore.

If you want to find out more information about Ryan Woodward, check out his site at or his vimeo page with some professional work he did at