And Who Is Blinky?

Oh it’s just some robot who follows every word of a kid who wants everything for himself. Seriously though, this is one of those great shorts that should be done as a full length movie. It’s really weird in a way though cause it’s a cross between Wall E, i-Robot, and where the Wild Things. Take what’s great from those movies and this is the sum of those.

It’s visually done well. You would have thought that someone was in a Blinky costume, but it was all computer generated with some mocap for the movement. The rainy scene is crazy. I wonder how he got Blinky all wet and looking all so real at the same time. The story is great for the most part, but the very last scene could have been left out and let the viewer’s imagination finish it off. All in all, it’s worth watching the 10+ minute short. Just be warned you may want to screen this before showing to the little ones.