Real Time Render With Blender

Let’s how long this will be integrated officially into Blender. Developer Brecht van Lommel who was once a Blender developer left the institute to work for Refractive Software the creator of the Octane renderer. After a month, has left his post there and returned to his beloved home the Blender Institute.

So did he bring back anything? It may just be a conicidence, but he created a working gpu/unbiased renderer for Blender. I’m so glad that the Blender Internal is getting a face lift. Not that it was bad, it just seems outdated, and kind of slow. Yes it’s powerful with the node editor, but it could use some updating. Hopefully Brecht can integrate this new renderer to work with the node editor for the old schoolers.

What will (considering this is a very early build) this new render get us? How about real time rendering with using either cpu or gpu or both. Real GI and quicker Dof and motion blur. If the renderer is fully stable, I believe that this will put Blender in the ranks of many artists. Just a renderer alone like that would cost at least $500. If there are no complications of it, this will get Blender in the eyes of professionals. View the video below and watch your jaw drop.