Tranformers 3: The Final Trailer Before Opening

Wow, can I just say this is gonna blow your mind.  Yeah, yeah, I know, you’re gonna say it’s gonna suck.  I say who cares.  The one thing with the Transformers movie is the story is a little lacking (or a lot for those who are critical).  You know what though, you can’t deny that Michael Bay makes some really cool explosions and action scenes.  I’m just hoping in this third film that the camera moves aren’t a mess.

Anyways, check out this pretty epic trailer.  There are some pretty awesome sequences in there.  For those who live in downtown Chicago and had to deal with the really bad traffic due to the filming of this film, reassured that just about every scene in this trailer is in Chicago.  I’m kind of wrong to say this, but Chicago looks amazing being destroyed.  What’s even amazing are the people behind it that did the special effects.  It only too them around a year or so to do it.  I wonder how many technicians and artist worked on this.

The trailer is pretty straight forward. The government shared the info of the transformers world.  Mr Optimus Prime isn’t too pleased.  Now there are aliens popping out of the moon and giving destruction to earth specifically Chicago.  Anyways from the way Optimus was talking about it at the end of the trailer makes it look the Autobots have lost faith in the humans and were gonna leave earth.  Will this be the final Transformer movie for next 6 or so years?  We do know that this is Michael Bay’s last Transformer film.  Who knows, but make sure to watch that trailer cause that’s all you’ll get til July 1.