Nokia’s N9, N950, And The Sea Ray

Well Nokia is bringing hype.  The question is, will they be able to keep the interest of the consumer.  Let’s look at what they announced.


The Meego phone that would be king if it wasn’t so late to the party.  Design of the phone is great.  I’m pretty sure they took some design cues from the iPod Nanos.  Mainly in it’s curved touch screen.   It’s a buttonless phone on the front.  No capacity buttons on this either.  It’s just pure screen on the front.  An AMOLED screen at that so you get the best blacks of any screen available.  Also included in the front is the is camera locate on the lower right hand side.  Is that placement for the phone to be used in landscape when doing video calls?  Most likely.

On the side you’ve got your usuals like power button and volume rocker buttons.  Unusual is they didn’t include a camera button.  Surprising since the camera on this phone is great and fast.   One thing I didn’t noticed is where do you plug this in to your computer or a wall outlet?  There doesn’t seem to be any ports.  Maybe they just concealed it very well and I just can’t see it.

As far as the Meego OS goes, it has great potential.  One thing to do is get rid of that grid like icon.  Do something different instead.  Its so dated.  Make use of the “swipe” that Nokia keeps talking about.  One issue I do have is that their swipe implementation seems like it would require more actions for certain tasks due to the lack of buttons either capacitive, actual or software.  It smoothness is on par with the likes of Windows Phone, IOS.  It’s just seems a little to late to the party.  Look at WebOS.  It just doesn’t seem like it would take off.


Well it’s just like the one mention above, but with a sliding keyboard.  This is where Nokia get things right.  There are people who love actual buttons to press on and Nokia listens to what the customer wants.  If Apple made an iPhone with a slide out keyboard, you’d bet my money there would be even more people with iPhones.  Nokia gives people choices.  They can never go wrong with that.

Sea Ray

This one looks exactly like the N9 with one minor difference.  It’s got a camera button on the side.  Also, it is running Windows Phone (Mango).  Nothing else was shown, but it look like it ready.  Hopefully this phone has some updated hardware (dual-core).  Other than that Nokia did state this was one of many Windows phone that are already working and hopefully will be available soon after the Mango update has been released.

Though the phones look great, did Nokia just announced it too soon?  Nokia does have a history of announcing things then have the product be release later than anticipated.  Hopefully with the new boss around, things have changed and they have come to compete.