Blender’s New Camera Tracking

So it’s summer time in the northern hemisphere.  What does that mean, well that mean Google SoC (Summer of Code) is happening.  One of the great notable things about this is that programmers tackle some aspect of programming.  Luckily, there are programmers willing to work on Blender.

The biggest thing to happen to Blender this summer is the the addition or the programming of a new camera tracking built right into Blender.  Now remember, camera tracking has many possibilities not only just items added to the screen.  It also can allow for a camera stabilization in post.   The camera tracking in Blender (being programmed as we speak) is able to do 2D and 3D tracking.  From the looks of the progress, this will most likely put Blender in the eyes of many.

With 3D being used in conjunction with video nowadays, camera tracking software is a must to get the most out of the video.  Camera tracking software is expensive, but with the one being programmed for Blender.  Indies and any other people who want to use don’t have to worry about their budget, just have to worry about making their vision come to life.

Check out this video by Sebastian Koenig who played around with the new camera tracking software in Blender.  Remember he’s a user of Syntheyes (a great software for a price) and his praises are very encouraging.