Autodesk 123D

Looks like there is more reason to get an #iPad.  #Autodesk just released their small sculpt program called 123D.  The easiest way to describe this program is to those that are familiar with #sculptris, the idea is very similar.  With 123d, they provide you with a base mesh (car, dog, people, etc), then you alter it to your liking.  You can even texture it easily and the results are very good.  Heck, you don’t even need to UV unwrapped the model.  At the moment, there isn’t an export for it.  I’m sure in the future they will.  I’m guessing they are aiming this to a certain young group though and that’s why they opted to not include the export, but what I know is that the Windows version, you could send it out to get it be 3D printed.  Advancements in the 3D are sure getting there.  You can’t do more complicated models yet with 123D (maybe due to ram constraints), but in due time we’ll get there.  3D modeling is truly becoming mobile.