Mango Making The Rounds This Week

Looks like Windows Phone Mango update will be making the rounds this week around the world.  Several European carriers are announcing today or tomorrow.  Canada is on the same boat as well.  Here in the US, At&t are announcing and probably pushing out the update tomorrow.

All I can say is FINALLY.  People with Windows Phone right now have been waiting for this.  It’s finally catching up with the likes of iOS and Android.  It’ll be a welcome update.  Hopefully it’s not too late.  With the current released winphones that are lacking is the front facing camera.  I think that it was a bad idea for Microsoft to not include this in the debut of Windows Phone last year.  A lot people are who got a phone last year, aren’t probably gonna get new phones this year.  With the economy as it is and most people are gonna be under a two year contract.  Therefore, they’ve got another year before they’ll will eventually upgrade their phones.    And it seems like all the new Windows Phone are coming with front facing cameras.  It’s a pity though.  Microsoft should have been ready from the start.

Hopefully that Mango update can persuade current users to stick it out and hopefully this Mango goes much smoother than the other Windows phone updates.  As far as the Mango update goes, not all phone will be updated at the same time.  Let watch some video of the Mango update and hopefully it does make the rounds this week.