Beware The Batman

So what do we have here? Looks like we’ll be getting some kind of new Batman every year until 2013. So you’re saying what the hell is he thinking. Well, for starters, there’s going to be a new straight to dvd release of the animated Batman: Year One coming out at the end of October. Then next year we’ll have the final installment to Nolan’s Batman saga. Then in 2013 Cartoon Network will be getting a new Batman.

So what sets the Cartoon Network’s Batman from the rest of the other animated Batman? Well, this will be the first CGI animated Batman series. We’ll be able to see batman in the CG world. Think of it ala Transformers Prime animated series. Let’s just hope it will be a very dark Batman and not a lot of bright colors.

Check out this promotion art for the series called Beware the Batman airing sometime in 2013 on Cartoon Network. I’m not sure about the design, but I’m sure it’ll grow on me if the story is good. Now if only Cartoon Network could start airing new Thundercats episodes.