Everything Is About Beats

Sometimes it’s not all about visuals, just about the story.  Here we get short that minimal in visuals, but great in concept.  The short starts with a blocky character that is pretty in a cubical room and draws a rectangle on a piece of paper.  He does until the stack of paper is finished.  When the clock is at 12:00, they all stop and you see that the last piece of paper has it’s rectangular shape fading.  Everything is timed perfectly at a single beat.  The strokes, the opening of the marker, everything.  For some reason the main character drops his marker.  This total out of his and everybody’s character.

In the mean time we get cuts of a person playing the drums.  We don’t know what’s going on.  Later we find out it’s his heart.  I’m not sure what the short was saying, but from what I’m guessing it’s that we’re not robots.  Our souls/”heart” is what makes us different and alive.  Well, that my gist of it.  I guess the meaning of the story is open to interpetation.