ICS For Touchpad Is Almost Here

If you haven’t noticed, the development of Gingerbread on the HP Touchpad has come to a screeching halt.  Most of the Roms (Xron, CM7) haven’t been updated in a while.  So what does it all mean?  Well the developers are starting to move onto next Android OS.

If you haven’t known, Ice Cream Sandwich was made to be used for both phones and tablets.  Gingerbread on the other hand was only made for phones.  HP Touchpad users will be able to have a true tablet OS (aside from webOS).

It seems that the CyanogenMOD are the furthest along.  It seems everything works except for the front camera.  Wifi, video and touch all work.  The only downside is that hardware video acceleration doesn’t work which is a minus.  As far as I know there are three people tweeting their progress.  I’m not sure if they belong to the CyanogenMOD team or not, but it’s good to see all this progress from around the world.  Check out their twitter: