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The Risk Not Taken

Here’s another great creation by Alex Glawion.  Known for his abstract shorts.  Also known in the Blender community for using Blender for modeling, animating, and rendering.  In his latest short, his graduation film, he shows a little teaser of  “The Risk Not Taken”.  Not much is known about this short, but Alex plans to premiere it at the Blender Conference this year.

The Tale Of Mr. Revus

Nothing like a short animation to watch when you’ve been seeing too much vlogs on the internet.  The tale of Mr. Revus is the creation of Scriblabs Studios.  This little production was done by one person.  That one person did all the art direction, modeling, animating,edit, rendering.  Basically all the visuals.  The soundtrack was recorded live with an orchestra.

The art style takes the painterly look of 2d and add the 3D element.  Though some of the designs of the ghost or monsters are strange, the goofiness of their looks add to the personality of the short.  If you’ll like watching animation shorts this is the one for you.  The whole production is top notch from the visuals to the soundtrack and don’t forget the story aswell.

Showering Puppets

I was looking through my old blog links and clicked on @KeithLango. In one of his recent posts, I was pleasantly surprised to see a live action short film he made called “My Bathroom”. For those unfamiliar, Keith Lango is an animator and when I was younger I’d study his CG shorts to figure out how to animate characters. If I remember correctly, I think he worked at “Big Idea”. Back in the day, it was an animation studio in a Chicago suburb that all CG kids were familiar with.

In any case, “My Bathroom” is about a puppet doing his thing in the bathroom. The music fits well and the cinematography is great. It’s funny, simple, and sweet. It’s pretty amazing how the puppets were hand made. More amazing is how it took only 10 hours to shoot and edit the piece. If there’s anyone out there who’s thinking about filming cuddly little creatures like, oh say an old Husky, watch this short! For everyone else press play below and enjoy.

My Bathroom from Keith Lango on Vimeo.

A Day At Pixar

You may know him, or you may not, but he’s name is synonymous with Pixar.  John Lasseter, the guy in charge of many movies done at Pixar.  This video you’re about to see is just a day at what Mr. Lasseter does.  I must say that’s his home is the amazing.  Trains, toys, and other fun stuffs.  The man is a kid stuck in a man’s body.  Then he takes you to Pixar.  Now if you’re into 3D or animation, this place is the holy grail of them all.  You’d actually want to stay here and not leave.  If you’re watching the video though, there is a sense of fearness in some of the people though.  Is it cause their afraid of the camera or just the stress of creating a movie that’s better than the previous.

If you’ve got time, grab some snacks and relax because what you’re about to see is one of the best “A day in the life..” video in recent years.


Batman: Year One

Can’t wait for the Dark Knight Rises?  Well then check out this animated flick of Batman called Batman: Year One.  This is based off Frank Miller’s four arc  issues in 1987.  You might have heard a couple of years back that when they were rebooting the Batman franchise, the story of Batman: Year One was in the works.  Well that never happened.  Supposedly the story was very losely based off the Frank Miller story and later on just got shelved.

Well we didn’t get Year One, but we did get Batman Begins.  Jump to  present day,  Batman: Year One is back, but in animated form.  This is more closely based on the Frank Miller series.  It will hopeful show more of Bruce Wayne as Batman and how he became to be the cape crusader.

As far as the animation goes, it looks to differ from the cartoons we are more familiar with in the early 90’s.  For some reason this has a more realisitc feel both in character and environnment.  Colors seems to be more muted, but the mood is still retained.  Now this is only from the short teaser trailer they’ve shown.  If I have to say something though, is that while Marvel pretty lacks in the animation department, DC sure knows how to put some pretty great straight to video movies of their IPs.  Check out the trailer below to view:

The Stuxnet Info Graphic

There’s a lot of things going on in this world, but who would of thought in this digital age, someone created a very smart virus.  A motion graphics piece created by Patrick Clair shows how scary this virus is and will become in the near future.  A virus smart enough to fool even the most extensive security measures.  It’s make you wonder what will the next world war be. Will the next war be fought with binaries instead of ammunitons?  Take a gander at this very informative video.