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New Evangelion 3.0 Teaser

It’s been a long time since Evangelion 2.0, but we finally get to see a short, very short clip of Evangelion 3.0: Quickening.  Not much is know at all just that it will be release in the fall of 2012.  What does that mean to us folks across the pond?  Well, we won’t see a release in the US sometime in 2013.  Well it for more waiting.  In mean time check out the very short teaser.

Cosplayers. Yes Their Good At Their Craft

Cosplaying has been around for years, but it seems the wow factor has totally been upped in recent years.  These days everyone makes their own clothes, props, etc.  You name it.  They’ve always been able to use new methods to create realistic looking armor etc without feeling heavy.

Just recently,  the Anime Expo in Cali was held.  In my opinoin, this is one of the best Cosplaying cons to attend in the US.  The amount of sheer quality of outfits are amazing.   They got everything from game character, anime, and movies.  If you’ve never been to one of these, it’s basically a comic con except people go to have fun and dress up as their favorite characters.  You can buy items there, watch the latest anime movie/shows and meet some voice overs or creators in person.  They also have mini-concerts of bands from Japan.  

If you’re thinking Cosplay is strange.  Fear not it’s not.   With movie studios grabbing rights to anime, we can only anticipate it to get bigger.  Check out the videos below for some cosplayers at the recent Anime Expo. Taken by Acksonl who has a nack for capturing these Cons!

Batman: Year One

Can’t wait for the Dark Knight Rises?  Well then check out this animated flick of Batman called Batman: Year One.  This is based off Frank Miller’s four arc  issues in 1987.  You might have heard a couple of years back that when they were rebooting the Batman franchise, the story of Batman: Year One was in the works.  Well that never happened.  Supposedly the story was very losely based off the Frank Miller story and later on just got shelved.

Well we didn’t get Year One, but we did get Batman Begins.  Jump to  present day,  Batman: Year One is back, but in animated form.  This is more closely based on the Frank Miller series.  It will hopeful show more of Bruce Wayne as Batman and how he became to be the cape crusader.

As far as the animation goes, it looks to differ from the cartoons we are more familiar with in the early 90’s.  For some reason this has a more realisitc feel both in character and environnment.  Colors seems to be more muted, but the mood is still retained.  Now this is only from the short teaser trailer they’ve shown.  If I have to say something though, is that while Marvel pretty lacks in the animation department, DC sure knows how to put some pretty great straight to video movies of their IPs.  Check out the trailer below to view:

Trailer For Thundercats

After some small pictures and nothing else. We finally get a long sneak peak at Cartoon Network’s new Thundercats. One word I have to say is that it is truely anime made for the western viewers. So what will we expect from in the animation department? Really great action sequences, very good camera angles, and very static scenes where there is dialog. Oh, did I mention the characters don’t look like they came out of the wrestling realm.


Story is scarce, but do check out the trailer for it below:

Video courtesy of

ThunderCats Rebooted

Oh yeah, let the childhood memories begin.  There’s always been a cult following for any nostalgic show.  Be it Star Wars, Star Trek, Transformers, etc.  I don’t know how big of a following ThunderCats  is, but I’m sure there is a following.  Heck,  there are shirts with the ThunderCats logo on it being sold today after having the original  show ending in the late ’80s.  Even people of all ages wear it.  Yes even kids who are too young to even know what a ThunderCat is.  Heck there are even rumors of a live action ThunderCats movie (James Cameron could easily direct that).  After 2 decades since the original, ThunderCats is getting reborn.

Now don’t be alarmed at what you see above.  That is the new design of the cats.  It seems like they look much younger than the 80’s  version.  Don’t freak out though, the animation house that doing the animating is none other than Studio 4°C.  Famous for the “Animatrix”, “Gotham Knights” and “Transformers Animated”.  As far as the story goes, looks like you won’t be disappointed in that area either, since the producers from “Teen Titans” and “Avatar: The Last Airbender” are attached  to it.  No details on when ThunderCats will air, but I’m sure a trailer will be released in the not to distant future.

In the mean time, let’s watch the intro of the original ThunderCats:

Thanks to Bleeding Cool for image.

Hologram Concerts

It’s not really new.  The Gorillaz first did it in 2006 with Madonna, but it looks like it’s catching on.  With the advent of Vocaloid in Japan, there are more and more people interested in the music that are being released.  If you don’t know what Vocaloid is, it is a program used to create voices.  By putting syllables together and changing the variance in the pitch, tone, and other parameters, you get a word.  No real person is singing or talking.  It’s all digital programming.  It’s has struck Japan by storm, There’s even one that made at the top of the music charts there.  Along with the vocaloid voice, they usually have characters to put an image with the voice.  They are mostly good looking female anime characters.

It’s pretty surprising how far vocaloid has come.  Now there are concerts in Japan just for it.  I’m guessing everything is live from the vocaloid to the instruments.  The techniques they use to show the character is very similar to the way the Gorillaz did it.  There seems to be improvements, but it looks like you have to be at a good range of angle before the effects turns flat.  As seen in the video, it’s really not a 3D hologram, but more of a projection.  It’s pretty surprising how good it really looks when you’re at a good distance.  When up close, you can see some artifacting going on.  I wonder how long far we are from a true hologram ala Star Wars/Star Trek.  Check out the video below.  Be warned, if you’re not accustomed to high pitched voices, hit the mute button.