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Juggernaut In The Making

Check out this cool timelapse of modeling Juggernaut in 3D.   It takes you from basic modeling to sculpting all the way to retopology.  MmAaXx the person who created this doesn’t take any shortcuts.  Everything is modeled and careful to make most of the topology really good.

The model design itself is very good.  Very realistic yet has that almost photoshopped look.  It’s a really good take on Marvel’s Juggernaut.  If you’re just a beginning modeler or just like to see what goes in the making of a character, watch the video below.  Make to grab something eat a play some music as the video is over 1 hour long.


3D Meetups In Chicago

If you’re in Chicago, there will be a couple of meetups you should attend if you’re into 3D.  First up is the Chicago C4D meetup that will be held tomorrow July 7 at 6:30p at Columbia college.  Mike Petrik of Solidline Media will be demonstrating how to animate a character in C4D.

Then next week, CGSociety Chicago will be having a meetup on Friday July 16 at 5:30p at Flashpoint Academy.  Chad Ashley of Digital Kitchen will be showing off/demonstrating work from Cartoon Network and Target.  He’ll also answers questions about work and the industry in general.

Rework by 37Signals’ Cool Cats

I don’t think we’ve mentioned any books on this site. Contrary to your beliefs, the Renderphase crew does read books. I’ve recently finished “Rework” by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, the founders of 37Signals. While it is a business book for people who want to start or improve their own companies, it’s also a great book for everyone else who wants to start or continue creating projects of any kind. I’ve seen Jason Fried in a Chicago Convergence discussion panel a few years ago and the first impression I got was that he seems a little full of himself alluding how small companies are better than the big gorilla companies. I’m glad I read this book as now I think Fried and his 37Signals band seem like a bunch of cool folks. The co-author Hansson built the “Ruby and Rails” framework. Unfortunately, I work with a company that develops with Microsoft platforms, so I’ve never had a reason to use Rails. One day I’ll probably try it out as big sites like Twitter uses the R&R framework. In any case, it’s great seeing a fellow young Chicago/foreign dude like Hansson shaking up and making an impact on the tech industry.

As for the book, expect a quick read with concise sentences that drives its points to your brain without being preachy. The chapters are small and the line spacing is around 1.5 in height, so you don’t have to worry about it being humongous like some 1000 page WROX technical book. If you’ve worked in a small company before, you’ll definitely agree with some of the advice/ideas presented in the book. For example, if your small company lacks a marketing department, it’s not something you should be concerned about. The book also stresses the importance of “alone time” as a key element to productivity. I don’t know about you guys, but the projects I’ve been most proud of required a lot of “alone time” to produce. The book has other ideas regarding hiring, company culture, competitors and more. It’s a good book, so go buy it! As of this writing, it’s only $12 at Amazon!