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A Bimmer In Blender 2.5

Another great piece of work by Mike Pan.  You might notice him from previous Blender 3D works.  He might be most famous for doing some really good water simulations with Blender’s Fluids.  Now he’s tackling modeling  a car.  Boy does it not disappoint.  This is probably the first really good render done with Blender 2.5.  He has shown some work in progress in his blog.  He’s is doing a short animation with his BMW 335i.  The video below is just preliminary, but  hopefully he’s able to create something that looks very commercial.  Always good to see Blender being pushed by professionals.

You can visit Mike Pan’s blog HERE.  Also don’t forget to check out his website at and his Youtube site.

Cinema 4D r11.5 Released Today

Maxon today released the new update to Cinema4D.  New enhancements including render instances, enhanced picture viewer, better integration and support for the new Mac OSX Snow Leopard and Windows 7.  Also what most people will truely like about it is better memory management.  Pretty much ensuring that the program will not crash when your scene is very big.  There are new motion graphics capabilities for those that work in motion design.  Check the link at

Here’s a video of some of the features

Here’s what is possible.  No Keyframing used. (Note: Slow Connection)

Oxygen: Knowing Your Elements Table


I have been meaning to post this short for quite some time now.  Being distracted with other things going on in the render world,  I now bring to you a very ingenius way to teach elementary kids.  Especially to those that don’t like science.  Christopher Hendryx created a thesis for his department of computer animation at the Ringling College of  Art And  Design.   Taking the basics of each element and showing their reaction to oxygen.  The short animation is very simple to understand.  If I had things like this that taught me about science when I was a kid, I would have probably changed my major in college.   Not only is the story pretty funny and engaging, but the design of it as well.  Simple yet very professionally looking.

The Credit Crisis Visualized

I’m not a business man or know a lot of how the credit system works, but this is surely something that you don’t want to miss watching. Don’t know why there was a credit crisis?  This motion graphics piece will tell you all for those that don’t know the credit lingo.  Jonathan Jarvis created “The Crisis of Credit Visualized” for his thesis for his media design program. Check out his site for the piece at