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New Evangelion 3.0 Teaser

It’s been a long time since Evangelion 2.0, but we finally get to see a short, very short clip of Evangelion 3.0: Quickening.  Not much is know at all just that it will be release in the fall of 2012.  What does that mean to us folks across the pond?  Well, we won’t see a release in the US sometime in 2013.  Well it for more waiting.  In mean time check out the very short teaser.

New Ghost Rider

Who knew there was going to be a sequel to the Ghost Rider.  I surely didn’t know.  As far as watching the trailer.  It looked like it was going to be much darker than the first.  The trailer was very serious, the Ghost Rider also looked much better than the first.  Then the stupidiest thing happened, what the heck was it with the peeing fire.  That was just total off.  It quickly became from being serious (ala Batman) to being very stupid and cliche.

The Man That Brought Us Blinky

Is back with a new teaser for one of his shorts.  Called Imaginary Forces.  So what is it basically about?  Well from what the teaser trailer tells us, it’s about a guy who sees things that no one else does.  Is it just him or is there something really wrong with the world that he alone notices?  Will we end up to see these imaginary forces interact with reality?  We’ll have to wait and see.

If you didn’t know, Imaginary Forces is the creation of Ruairi Robinson who made the very dark short called Blinky.  Also just a little known fact, Ruairi was almost the director for the yet unfilmed live action Akira film.  If you look at this film you can kind of see what Ruairi’s vision of Akira might have been.  Anyways, the video is below, but you’ll be depressed that you won’t know when he’ll actually release the short.


A Day At Pixar

You may know him, or you may not, but he’s name is synonymous with Pixar.  John Lasseter, the guy in charge of many movies done at Pixar.  This video you’re about to see is just a day at what Mr. Lasseter does.  I must say that’s his home is the amazing.  Trains, toys, and other fun stuffs.  The man is a kid stuck in a man’s body.  Then he takes you to Pixar.  Now if you’re into 3D or animation, this place is the holy grail of them all.  You’d actually want to stay here and not leave.  If you’re watching the video though, there is a sense of fearness in some of the people though.  Is it cause their afraid of the camera or just the stress of creating a movie that’s better than the previous.

If you’ve got time, grab some snacks and relax because what you’re about to see is one of the best “A day in the life..” video in recent years.


Dark Knight Teases Us

Looks like if you saw the last Harry Potter, then you also saw a preview of the Dark Knight Rises.  Nothing is special about the trailer.  It’s just footage from the previous films and short new footage.  Remind you the Dark Knight Rises just started filming so there isn’t much to show anways.

In my opinoin, they should have just done what they did for the Dark Knight trailer, show the Bat sign with some voice overs.  Instead they gave us the teaser which was a mixture of the first and second teaser.  Anyways if you haven’t seen the teaser check out the unofficially released one before it’s taken down: Dark Knight Rises Teaser.

Also anyone noticed what looks to be the Superman symbol in the poster above?

UPDATE:  Teaser trailer has now officially been released.  Check out below.

Cars 2 Out Today

Well, looks like the race is back on. I wonder what new obstacles Lightning Mcqeen will have here? Will he travel around the world? I’m not sure, but you’ll probably see some cameos from the Planes movie.