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Movies, Why They’re Losing Money

I keep hearing how movies aren’t making the grade with profit.  Well, all I can say is stop having expectations of having a Dark Knight/Iron Man type profit.  The problem with these film execs is they only see the dollar signs and nothing else.  They’re quick to release something to get the quick buck.  Trying to take the audience as a fool just cause they’re fans of a certain superhero.

With today’s economy, people are careful with what they spend on their money.  With the way movie ticket prices are, who wouldn’t.  Also with the internet, it’s a lot easier to get the word out be it good or bad.   Almost everyone has an access to the internet and the best place to get a review of a movie is on forums or

Another, thing is why are these film studios competing for viewers.  It’s just doesn’t make sense.  If you’re spending on a movie upwards of $200 million dollars not including marketing, don’t you want to maximize it staying power.  I used to remember the days where a blockbuster movie would come out, and there wouldn’t be another blockbuster movie coming out the next week.  It would always be a month or more.  This year it seemed that from the start of May onward, there has been a supposed blockbuster movie every week.  Studios are wondering why their movies aren’t making money.  It’s called saturation.  There are many movies coming out then before.  The ones that do make money are the ones that don’t compete.  Those are those indie films or movies that were made smart by not spending so much on making a film.

That 3D that these companies are pushing for aren’t working.  One it raises the prices of tickets.  Two, you’ve got to wear glasses.  Heck in the 80’s people wore glasses and you’d think our technology could have improved in the last 20 years so that we wouldn’t have to wear them.  3D is a bust.  3D will only catch on when there is no need for glasses and all the movies are made in 3D ie filmed in 3D, not done in post.

So how can these film companies come to make a profit in their movies?  Stop making so many movies.  Stop releasing them so close to other blockbuster movies.  Be smart about the marketing.  With trailers give us just enough without showing the whole movie.  Transformers 3, the teasers were great.  As soon as the opening gets closer they start showing the destruction of Chicago.  What the heck.  That whole trailer is pretty much the movie and the end of it as well.  Trailers are just for getting the viewer excited.  You might have noticed that I didn’t say story.  You’d be surprise how some of the biggest blockbusters don’t have a good story (cough cough Star Wars Pre-equal).  In the end it’s all about timing.  In the coming weeks we’ll be getting Cars 2 (what the hell, where’s my Monsters Inc 2),  Transformers 3, Harry Potter (oh yeah!), and Captain America.  That’s alot of movies in under a month.  Get my point.

Tranformers 3: The Final Trailer Before Opening

Wow, can I just say this is gonna blow your mind.  Yeah, yeah, I know, you’re gonna say it’s gonna suck.  I say who cares.  The one thing with the Transformers movie is the story is a little lacking (or a lot for those who are critical).  You know what though, you can’t deny that Michael Bay makes some really cool explosions and action scenes.  I’m just hoping in this third film that the camera moves aren’t a mess.

Anyways, check out this pretty epic trailer.  There are some pretty awesome sequences in there.  For those who live in downtown Chicago and had to deal with the really bad traffic due to the filming of this film, reassured that just about every scene in this trailer is in Chicago.  I’m kind of wrong to say this, but Chicago looks amazing being destroyed.  What’s even amazing are the people behind it that did the special effects.  It only too them around a year or so to do it.  I wonder how many technicians and artist worked on this.

The trailer is pretty straight forward. The government shared the info of the transformers world.  Mr Optimus Prime isn’t too pleased.  Now there are aliens popping out of the moon and giving destruction to earth specifically Chicago.  Anyways from the way Optimus was talking about it at the end of the trailer makes it look the Autobots have lost faith in the humans and were gonna leave earth.  Will this be the final Transformer movie for next 6 or so years?  We do know that this is Michael Bay’s last Transformer film.  Who knows, but make sure to watch that trailer cause that’s all you’ll get til July 1.


And Here Is Bane

So this is the start of the the Dark Knight Rises Viral.  Nothing is known other than which actors play which character.  One thing is know is how Bane will look.  We’re treated to a pic of Bane.  As simple as the shot is, as always with Nolan’s direction it sure looks to be another great Batman movie.  I wonder if their gonna even have Bane get bigger, but not to over the top that it looks ridiculous.


If you’re also wondering, Warner Brothers also put up a website for the movie.  Not much is there (nothing but black at the moment).  You’ll sure to find more sneak peaks and other tasty treats there in the future.  Visit it here at

And Who Is Blinky?

Oh it’s just some robot who follows every word of a kid who wants everything for himself. Seriously though, this is one of those great shorts that should be done as a full length movie. It’s really weird in a way though cause it’s a cross between Wall E, i-Robot, and where the Wild Things. Take what’s great from those movies and this is the sum of those.

It’s visually done well. You would have thought that someone was in a Blinky costume, but it was all computer generated with some mocap for the movement. The rainy scene is crazy. I wonder how he got Blinky all wet and looking all so real at the same time. The story is great for the most part, but the very last scene could have been left out and let the viewer’s imagination finish it off. All in all, it’s worth watching the 10+ minute short. Just be warned you may want to screen this before showing to the little ones.

So Still Excited About Sucker Punch?

The 3rd trailer for Sucker Punch has just been released.  Though it didn’t look like they showed additional scenes in this trailer, it’s still a very engaging trailer.  I don’t know about you, but the people cutting the trailers for this flick is a genius.  Nothing, but fan service for those comic book / anime / video game fanatics.  You’ve got samurais, girls with skimpy outfits, dragons, futuristic world, and many more.   The story is probably gonna sucks.  It really doesn’t matter because visually it just looks gorgeous.  Just take a the trailer and pause it.  Each frame could be it own art.  From the director of 300 and Watchmen, Zack Snyder sure knows how to make movies look good.  Also, he has his own style.  Think of it like Tim Burton.  Burton has a look to his movies and the more you watch it, the more you notice it.  I see this happening with Snyder.  The question is will Snyder go for a grittier Superman movie with Superman having very defining muscles like 300 or will he go for a more realistic Superman.  Who knows, but will find out in the 2012 when Superman comes back to the big screen then.  In the meantime check out Sucker Punch opening in March.

This E.T. 2 In The Mind…

Of a certain fan. Yep, this isn’t real. This just people that loves E.T. and would love to see a sequel even if the studios don’t want to give us one. The funny thing about this trailer is you can’t quite tell if they’re making fun of the original or not. You’ve got the kid in the original all grown up. Then you have his little sister (Drew Barrymore) all grown up, but looks like a mess. Then you have a scene where they show a picture of the little sister, but she isn’t shown as a little girl. She’s shown as an adult dressed up as a little girl.

The story in this sequel isn’t about E.T. going home again, but the save the world from not a different kind of alien, but E.T.’s own kind. Apparently not all E.T.s are like E.T.s. They start shooting fire out of their finger. It’s hilarious. Taking scenes from certain movies, they really created a pretty convincing trailer. One question, how did they get the guy who does the voice overs for the trailer?