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Yellowcard Is Passed Hanging On

It’s refreshing a group that went on hiatus a couple of years ago has decided to come back for another great album.  While groups like the Starting Line and Fall Out Boy are in limbo, Yellowcard on the other hand are done with their vacation and ready to rock the world once again.  Their newest album, When You’re Through Thinking Say Yes, is something that doesn’t stray at all too far from their previous album.  It’s got it’s fast moments, it mellow moments, and it’s poppy moments.  The best of all it still Yellowcard’s signature sound.  They’re aren’t reinventing themselves.  They’re just being themselves.  The violin is great, the lead singers voice is the same and the whole band sound the same as they were a couple of years ago.

What I”m really saying is that this album thank god isn’t something you’ll listen to and say what the hell happened to them.  Some people say that as bands gets older they’re sound changes.  And you know what,  most of the time is gets worst as well. It’s always good for to a see a band not follow a trend or have to prove something.  It’s nice to see Yellowcard do.    Check out their new video “Hang You Up” below:

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Angels & Airwaves Movie

Well, well, well, what do we have hear? After a couple of years and hearing Tom talking about a movie, we finally see a much more complete trailer. I’m not certain how much the movie has to do with Angels & Airwaves, but I do know the band is doing the soundtrack for the film. People are saying the movie is a cross between the movie “Moon” and the “Fountain”. I for one wouldn’t know since I haven’t seen neither to make a comparison. Well, just be on the look out for it. The trailer doesn’t disappoint. The movie is called “Love”.

Sky High

Nothing like some good visuals for a music video. This one is called Sky High. The animation is done pretty much in 2D with a hint of 3D. The design and mood is very fun and fits the song very well. I don’t know why, but some of the scenes remind me of the background desktop images you get when you use Windows 7. It something about the style. Anyways enjoy the sounds and sights of Sky High.

Sa Silid

I don’t think I’ve done a post in a while showing music videos using motion graphics and special effects. Well today I’ll do that.  Today we’ll be showing SouthSuperHighway (SLEx) a band from the Philippines.  The song is Sa Silid.   Though the song is sung in Filipino (Tagalog), it’s somewhat’s understandable what’s the song about through the visuals.  In a nutshell, it’s a relationship where they get into a fight due to the fact the other was seen cheating.  It’s a pretty simple song, but the way it’s sung it’s pretty catchy and sad at the same time.

As far as the visuals go,  It’s pretty well done.  Probably the only thing lacking is some of the animations, but that’s probably due to time and budget.  The look and feel was great as well as the cuts too.  If you really want to know what they used as their 3D software, they used Cinema4D.  It looks like their budget was small, but in the end the outcome was more than satisfactory.  It’s really good that the video graphics industry in the country has grown.  If you’re interested, you  can find out more about SouthSuperHighway at or

Hologram Concerts

It’s not really new.  The Gorillaz first did it in 2006 with Madonna, but it looks like it’s catching on.  With the advent of Vocaloid in Japan, there are more and more people interested in the music that are being released.  If you don’t know what Vocaloid is, it is a program used to create voices.  By putting syllables together and changing the variance in the pitch, tone, and other parameters, you get a word.  No real person is singing or talking.  It’s all digital programming.  It’s has struck Japan by storm, There’s even one that made at the top of the music charts there.  Along with the vocaloid voice, they usually have characters to put an image with the voice.  They are mostly good looking female anime characters.

It’s pretty surprising how far vocaloid has come.  Now there are concerts in Japan just for it.  I’m guessing everything is live from the vocaloid to the instruments.  The techniques they use to show the character is very similar to the way the Gorillaz did it.  There seems to be improvements, but it looks like you have to be at a good range of angle before the effects turns flat.  As seen in the video, it’s really not a 3D hologram, but more of a projection.  It’s pretty surprising how good it really looks when you’re at a good distance.  When up close, you can see some artifacting going on.  I wonder how long far we are from a true hologram ala Star Wars/Star Trek.  Check out the video below.  Be warned, if you’re not accustomed to high pitched voices, hit the mute button.

A Video Fitting For Halloween

Check out this really cool music video. You’re wondering what’s software they used huh. Well the major one is Blender and some compositing in After Effects. It’s pretty crazy that Blender is being used in all sorts of things these days.  Yeah, I know.  I talk a lot about Blender in this blog, but I have a soft spot for a piece of software that is opensource and does so much for so little.  The actual music video isn’t English, but it’s still pretty good to listen to.  If you’re wondering who the band is, they are called Calla 13.  A Puerto Rican band that won a Latin Grammy Award.  Wished the video was subtitled.  Oh well, the visuals are great none the less.