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The Creators Project

Looks like there’s another video site on the rise.  The Creators Project is a new (well technically a toddler) site that focuses more on technology and how it influences music, film, gaming and art.  In this site we get a gilmpse of the creators of said pieces and how they manage to create something as simple as electronic sounds and make some compelling music with.  Others how they used technology to create illusion.  It’s a very different site from Youtube or Vimeo.  While one is about views, the other is about the piece, the Creators Project is about the person behind the piece and their thought process.

The Creators Projects gives us interviews and behind the scenes.  The best thing about this site is that it doesn’t focus on the big acts.  It focuses on the truely innovative artists, musicians.  It’s not limited to people in the US either.  You get videos from all over the world from the UK to all the way to the east Asian countries.

Check it out at


In theme with Syfy to bring old classics to life with either sequels or prequals, yesterday they showed that there is still interests in classics being retold.  In Neverland we get the beginnings of the Peter Pan saga.  What Neverland is, what Peter and Hook’s relationship is and how they became apart.

The visuals is a nice contrast.  It’s not the full blown brights colors that we saw in Disney’s Peter Pan or the movie Hook.  Here we get a blend of both dark and light.   The doesn’t have a big budget since it is a TV miniseries on a cable network.  Set designs are great, the CG is great for a television show and way better then what we usually get from Syfy’s movies.

I’m looking forward to see what happens in the 2nd episode of this miniseries tonight on SyFy.

Once Upon A Time

So did anyone see this show last night?  The premise seems really good.  If you haven’t seen or heard of  it, it’s all about our childhood fairytale characters.  The only difference is it takes place in present day.  Long story short, the Queen wants to ruin everyone in fairy tale land.  Her most biggest evil?  Basically everyone is moved to the “real world” and all the characters live in this one city called Storybrook.  The problem is that everyone doesn’t remember who they are.  Another thing,  they’re all humans (maybe/maybe not, I’m not sure).

The first episode or what everyone calls the pilot, I thought it was pretty engaging.  The boy for some reason knows the whole truth from this one book his teacher gave him who is actually the Princess.  The evil queen is the boy’s adopted mother who seems like the one of the few who still knows what’s she done.  The boy sets out to find his real mom who is actually the Princess’s daughter (Emma).

I know I know, it does get kind of confusing, but you’ll get it when you watch the show.  Anyways the adopted mother is very mean to Emma who you can tell already know something is already going off.  All the while this is happening, we get a lot of flashback/interdimensional shot to fairy tale land of what aspired to the current event.

As far as production, the fairytale sets look great.  The studio in charge did a great job.   Then take the special effects and you can tell they put a bigger budget compare to Terra Nova.  With One Upon A Time, it looked like it could have been a movie.  It felt pretty grand.

I’m looking forward to next week’s episode.  I’m also looking forward to see Grimm as well.  I’m such a sucker for fantasy type shows.   Hopefully the executives don’t pull the plug on them with out first finishing a story.  I hate it when they do it (Terminator, The Event, V, etc).  If you want just a sample of what you see check out the video below.  From what I’ve heard, this show isn’t for the little one’s.



So Who Saw The Smallville Finale?

So if you haven’t watched the finale don’t read as there are spoilers here.  You’ve been warned.  As I was watching the Smallville series finale,  I was thinking to myself, damn, the ending isn’t gonna be good.  Take for instance Lost, that was a load of crap there.  Anyways,  I was thinking there are a lot of inconsistencies that differ from the mythos of Superman.  So how will they end it to line with main mythos?

Lex, how do you make him not remember Clark, well you wipe out his memory.  Done very poorly, but I gotta say that having the real Lex gave me goose bumps.  His speech with Clark was great.  I don’t think they really needed to wipe out his memory either.  It looked like Lex was gonna keep his secret anyways.  It seemed that Lex was both good and bad kind of weird, but true.  Take my next occurance in the show.

What to do with Tess, well you kill her off.  Well Lex did kill her, but it seemed to be to protect her from becoming like him.  Who know how she would have ended up, but who gets the short end of the stick here?  Well it’s got to be the doctor.  It looked like the  Tess and him were having something going on in previous episodes.  Anyways, what the hell happened to that doctor?  Would’ve been nice to have him in the finale as well.

So what’s with that marriage?  I think that part really slow the show down.  They could have cut that part out a little quicker and focus on Darkseid more (yeah that fight sucked, but what supposed great fight in Smallvill ends up as a let down).

As far as Clark or for that matter Tom Welling putting on those tights?  Well, he’s always said that he WILL never put on the tights.  That’s why they always had closeup shots and CG Superman.  For one thing probably, Tom truely didn’t want to wear it and it was probably in his contract from the very beginning stating that he will not wear the suit.  Another reason could be that the suit (Superman Return suit) didn’t fit him and probably was not cost effective for the show to make a new one for just a 2 minute span.

Having Jimmy Olsen there was great.  Especially have Mr. Ashmore playing him.  Did anyone notice how much bigger he was there?

So you’re probably wondering what  I thought of the series finale?  It was a very fitting and enjoyable ending.  Let’s just say that with this ending made me sad, not because it was bad.  More due to the fact that there would be no more Smallville.   Here’s hoping the next Superman movie, which is supposed to be filming some scenes in Chicago, will be able to start Superman for a new decade.

Boardwalk Empire VFX Breakdown

Nothing like showing the magic behind creating a very old looking environment.  I don’t know what Boardwalk Empire is (don’t have HBO), but the behind the scenes is truely amazing.  From the green screening, to  3D models.  The work is top notch.  It also shows how much work goes into these things.  For concept, pre-viz, to final that’s a lot of hardwork, man-power and equipment power.  Check the video below:

Lost Was Good Last Night

Who hasn’t seen Lost?  Last night was more action than I’ve seen in a while.  SPOILER:

A lot people died and I mean a lot.  Most of the people on Widmore’s camp were killed.  Alternate Locke’s dad is a veggie (technically brain dead), plane man Lapdius is dead (got hit in the head and out cold),  Jin and Sun go down as a couple (orphaning their daughter) and Sayad ran with the bomb and died.

They sure tried to clean house last night.  Killing off people the audience really liked.  Oh what about Kate, well she got shot, but guess what she survives.  Why is it that characters I don’t like aren’t killed, but the one I like are.   Stupid.  And the MIB is pissed and looks to be heading toward Desmond.  Sawyer was knocked out (it wasn’t his fault the four died).

Don’t blame Sawyer for that series of events. Blame it all on Kate.  She so stupid to go get Claire and gets shot.  If Kate never got shot, Jack would’ve never been in the sub and never would have found the bomb.  Remember the candidates have to kill each other/themselves not the MIB (cause he can’t).  He just influences them.  Those are the rules.

Spoiler: end

You know what though everything is probably going to be for nothing on the island.  Anytime you play with the time (dimension/space/etc),  people who die in a dimension doesn’t mean they die in the other.  Look at Fringe for instance.  Everyone on the island will probably die except the new Jacob and MIB.  The alternate will help the island timeline, but then everything will go as normal in the Alt timeline (as if they never crashed).

Let’s see what happens in the coming episodes.  The series finale better be amazing cause from past shows, their series finale sucks (Seinfield, Terminator, Prison Break, Heroes (yeah I know it’s not canceled but their season finales always suck).