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Goodbye Chuck

With forgotten memories, TV’s Chuck aired its final episode #GoodByeChuck. In the last few years, this show could have ended 4 times, but fortunately it kept going and with its great writing could have gone 5 more seasons. This show combined action, comedy, quirkiness, and heart like no other movie or television I’ve seen before. If you are a real nerd, you would have found a lot of familiar elements in this show. What 90’s teen geek did not want to work at gadget heaven Best Buy? In Chuck’s Buy More, the backroom steel fences brought back my old memories of the steel fenced cages in Best Buy’s stockroom where all the video games were stored. In a recent episode, Chuck featured a popular YouTuber that only geeks would know. This show was one of the few that was able to cast numerous stars from other geek TV shows and movies, including Terminator’s Linda Hamilton, Quantum Leap’s Scott Bakula, Smallville’s Kristin Kreuk, Superman’s Brandon Routh, Matrix’s Carrie-Anne Moss, and more. Heck, even Chuck’s sister (Sarah Lancaster) was from Saved by the Bell! It seems like the only well-known sci-fi actor that didn’t guest star was Firefly’s “Nathan Fillion”.

When it came to the finale, it wasn’t about the guest stars, but about Chuck. Every fan knew this was the last year. The show felt like it would end in an extremely happy note. Chuck and Sarah were married, planning to buy a house, and talking about babies. Casey finally is falling for someone, while Morgan got his girlfriend back. Captain Awesome and Ellie were ready to start new lives in Chicago. Chuck the show, has a knack for pulling your heart out, smacking it around, and make you smile again. I thought there was no way the writers can do that in the finale as most of season 5 had its main characters floating in cloud nine. I was wrong.

By the last hour of the show, Sarah Walker had lost all her memories of Chuck and the show felt like season 1 or 2 with Chuck getting emo trying to make Sarah remember their relationship. Some fans may not like the “emo” component of Chuck, but that’s part of his character and memorable stories usually are the ones that get you teary-eyed. Plus, we can’t always be the badass Driver from the movie “Drive”. Instead of ending in an extremely happy note, we got an almost indie-movie like ending with no definitive result. In Chuck, the last scene ends with the main characters kissing, but we never know if Sarah’s memories return.

At first I didn’t like the final episode, but I kept thinking about it and re-watched the episode a second time. Jeffster’s “Take on Me” cover still made me smile. It was great seeing the supporting characters moving on and we do get hints of Sarah regaining bits of her forgotten memories. The flashbacks were memorable because they are presented as Chuck tells his story to Sarah in hopes of making her remember the past. The flashbacks reminded me that in the world of Chuck, the saddest events almost always lead to happier times. The best stories end with its characters being okay and made you care to wonder what happens next in their lives. Chuck ended with its two characters smiling and being passionate. They’re obviously okay and I’m wondering what villain Nathan Fillion will play against super Spy-Intersect couple Chuck/Sarah in the future Chuck movie. I changed my mind; this was by far the best series finale I’ve seen in a long time.

The Creators Project

Looks like there’s another video site on the rise.  The Creators Project is a new (well technically a toddler) site that focuses more on technology and how it influences music, film, gaming and art.  In this site we get a gilmpse of the creators of said pieces and how they manage to create something as simple as electronic sounds and make some compelling music with.  Others how they used technology to create illusion.  It’s a very different site from Youtube or Vimeo.  While one is about views, the other is about the piece, the Creators Project is about the person behind the piece and their thought process.

The Creators Projects gives us interviews and behind the scenes.  The best thing about this site is that it doesn’t focus on the big acts.  It focuses on the truely innovative artists, musicians.  It’s not limited to people in the US either.  You get videos from all over the world from the UK to all the way to the east Asian countries.

Check it out at


In theme with Syfy to bring old classics to life with either sequels or prequals, yesterday they showed that there is still interests in classics being retold.  In Neverland we get the beginnings of the Peter Pan saga.  What Neverland is, what Peter and Hook’s relationship is and how they became apart.

The visuals is a nice contrast.  It’s not the full blown brights colors that we saw in Disney’s Peter Pan or the movie Hook.  Here we get a blend of both dark and light.   The doesn’t have a big budget since it is a TV miniseries on a cable network.  Set designs are great, the CG is great for a television show and way better then what we usually get from Syfy’s movies.

I’m looking forward to see what happens in the 2nd episode of this miniseries tonight on SyFy.

Once Upon A Time

So did anyone see this show last night?  The premise seems really good.  If you haven’t seen or heard of  it, it’s all about our childhood fairytale characters.  The only difference is it takes place in present day.  Long story short, the Queen wants to ruin everyone in fairy tale land.  Her most biggest evil?  Basically everyone is moved to the “real world” and all the characters live in this one city called Storybrook.  The problem is that everyone doesn’t remember who they are.  Another thing,  they’re all humans (maybe/maybe not, I’m not sure).

The first episode or what everyone calls the pilot, I thought it was pretty engaging.  The boy for some reason knows the whole truth from this one book his teacher gave him who is actually the Princess.  The evil queen is the boy’s adopted mother who seems like the one of the few who still knows what’s she done.  The boy sets out to find his real mom who is actually the Princess’s daughter (Emma).

I know I know, it does get kind of confusing, but you’ll get it when you watch the show.  Anyways the adopted mother is very mean to Emma who you can tell already know something is already going off.  All the while this is happening, we get a lot of flashback/interdimensional shot to fairy tale land of what aspired to the current event.

As far as production, the fairytale sets look great.  The studio in charge did a great job.   Then take the special effects and you can tell they put a bigger budget compare to Terra Nova.  With One Upon A Time, it looked like it could have been a movie.  It felt pretty grand.

I’m looking forward to next week’s episode.  I’m also looking forward to see Grimm as well.  I’m such a sucker for fantasy type shows.   Hopefully the executives don’t pull the plug on them with out first finishing a story.  I hate it when they do it (Terminator, The Event, V, etc).  If you want just a sample of what you see check out the video below.  From what I’ve heard, this show isn’t for the little one’s.



Go Watch USA’s Suits

There’s usually nothing to watch on TV during the summer. Fortunately, the USA Network brings us new shows during these hot days. This year, Suits came out. The show revolves around a young lawyer working for a super corporate lawyer on white collar cases. This is not your average boring lawyer show.

The young lawyer is Michael Ross and he’s not really a lawyer. In the first episode, he’s a jobless kid with a great gift for remembering everything he reads. Due to some bad choices in his past, he’s now forced to make money by illegally taking bar exams for law students. One day Michael meets Harvey Specter, a super lawyer with old-school-slick-back-Superman hair strutting in expensive suits. Specter was looking for a new associate and he was not satisfied with the lame Harvard Law Graduates. Michael demonstrates to Harvey that he knew everything about law since he read law books. Even though Harvey is aware Michael doesn’t have a law degree, he still hires Michael.

Each episode we have Harvey and Michael going to court helping their clients against corporate takeovers, patent infringements, and the usual expensive cases. There’s no gloomy criminal defense stuff here. Everything is bright with some comedy and drama. Harvey is a bad-ass though guy and when dumbasses gets in his face, he tells the dumbasses to back off using words as his weapon. Harvey drives fast cars and understands how the power of image can manipulate people around him. He’s James Bond and when James Bond talks, people listen. Conversely, Michael doesn’t care about his suit, is compassionate about people, and visits his grandma.

It’s the trait difference between Harvey and Michael that makes this show interesting. Then there’s the suspense of not knowing what will happen when Harvey’s law firm finds out Michael isn’t a lawyer. Let’s not forget about the hot brunette paralegal that Michael’s been goggling over since the first episode. Will she ever go out with him or more importantly, will she stab him in the back and ruin his life after she learned that he was illegally taking tests for students? The summer season finale of Suits is almost here, so go watch it now!

So Who Saw The Smallville Finale?

So if you haven’t watched the finale don’t read as there are spoilers here.  You’ve been warned.  As I was watching the Smallville series finale,  I was thinking to myself, damn, the ending isn’t gonna be good.  Take for instance Lost, that was a load of crap there.  Anyways,  I was thinking there are a lot of inconsistencies that differ from the mythos of Superman.  So how will they end it to line with main mythos?

Lex, how do you make him not remember Clark, well you wipe out his memory.  Done very poorly, but I gotta say that having the real Lex gave me goose bumps.  His speech with Clark was great.  I don’t think they really needed to wipe out his memory either.  It looked like Lex was gonna keep his secret anyways.  It seemed that Lex was both good and bad kind of weird, but true.  Take my next occurance in the show.

What to do with Tess, well you kill her off.  Well Lex did kill her, but it seemed to be to protect her from becoming like him.  Who know how she would have ended up, but who gets the short end of the stick here?  Well it’s got to be the doctor.  It looked like the  Tess and him were having something going on in previous episodes.  Anyways, what the hell happened to that doctor?  Would’ve been nice to have him in the finale as well.

So what’s with that marriage?  I think that part really slow the show down.  They could have cut that part out a little quicker and focus on Darkseid more (yeah that fight sucked, but what supposed great fight in Smallvill ends up as a let down).

As far as Clark or for that matter Tom Welling putting on those tights?  Well, he’s always said that he WILL never put on the tights.  That’s why they always had closeup shots and CG Superman.  For one thing probably, Tom truely didn’t want to wear it and it was probably in his contract from the very beginning stating that he will not wear the suit.  Another reason could be that the suit (Superman Return suit) didn’t fit him and probably was not cost effective for the show to make a new one for just a 2 minute span.

Having Jimmy Olsen there was great.  Especially have Mr. Ashmore playing him.  Did anyone notice how much bigger he was there?

So you’re probably wondering what  I thought of the series finale?  It was a very fitting and enjoyable ending.  Let’s just say that with this ending made me sad, not because it was bad.  More due to the fact that there would be no more Smallville.   Here’s hoping the next Superman movie, which is supposed to be filming some scenes in Chicago, will be able to start Superman for a new decade.