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Real Time Render With Blender

Let’s how long this will be integrated officially into Blender. Developer Brecht van Lommel who was once a Blender developer left the institute to work for Refractive Software the creator of the Octane renderer. After a month, has left his post there and returned to his beloved home the Blender Institute.

So did he bring back anything? It may just be a conicidence, but he created a working gpu/unbiased renderer for Blender. I’m so glad that the Blender Internal is getting a face lift. Not that it was bad, it just seems outdated, and kind of slow. Yes it’s powerful with the node editor, but it could use some updating. Hopefully Brecht can integrate this new renderer to work with the node editor for the old schoolers.

What will (considering this is a very early build) this new render get us? How about real time rendering with using either cpu or gpu or both. Real GI and quicker Dof and motion blur. If the renderer is fully stable, I believe that this will put Blender in the ranks of many artists. Just a renderer alone like that would cost at least $500. If there are no complications of it, this will get Blender in the eyes of professionals. View the video below and watch your jaw drop.

Final Cut Pro X Has Risen

Looks like Apple finally decided that iMovie just wouldn’t cut it and industry folks were thinking of moving to Avid. Well, no more worries. The Final Cut Pro X was announced yesterday at NAB. They changed the interface to look more like iMovie and they also made it 64-bit. Oh and it looks like you don’t need to transcode your footage (unless not supported) to edit it on Final Cut Pro. Probably the biggest “Wow” is the price. Apple will be releasing their new editing software on their Mac Appstore for only $299. That is really cheap.

That price is very telling. Is Apple just figuring out that maybe if the price wasn’t so high, certain people wouldn’t get restore to other methods of using it? Or maybe the software is just a very bare-bone software where plugins and add-ons will be extra. Or maybe they just realize, releasing it at a lower price is actually more profitable than having it more expensive. Who knows, but Adobe should follow Apple with this pricing scheme.

More info at

Rendering Through The Internet

Looks like things are starting to move forward. If you’re a 3D artist and also a Blender user, you can now render you work through the internet. Think of it as a render farm, but it’s all over the world. It depends on how many people go and sign and let their computers be used in the render farm. It’s pretty cool if you’re computer is pretty slow and you need some renders quick.

If you’re rendering something commercially or under NDA then this wouldn’t pertain to use as images/video of your renders might be used for the promotion of the service. If you’re a hobbyist and generally don’t care for what happens to your render, then this is a great service. The only thing, how do you get back all the finished frames? Will I have to download all that data back. Looks like people’s caps on the internet will be met soon than later. If you’re interested check out for more information or to be a participant.

Messiah Studio’s “Dare To Share”

Well you don’t get this kind of deal on Artist software ever.  pmG is having a promotion similar to what Groupon does daily.  Here is how it goes.  If enough people purchase the deal ($10 for basic or $40 for pro), then the people will get it at that price instead of the retail ($600/$1200 respectively).  Now if it is not met, will people will get refunded so no worries.

Now about the program itself if you’re unfamiliar with.  It’s an animation and renderer software package.  Messiah studio is used a lot for animating  characters with great results.  The renderer is based off a render called Arnold renderer.  The roots are the same, but have branched off.  It’s still very capable.  Think of Mental Ray and the likes.    This is not a 3D modeling software.  It’s strictly an animation and renderer.

You’re asking why should I get it.  Well if you work in 3D or character animation, it hands down a no brainer.  When in you’re life time do you get a software that is more than 90% off legally.  Also,  the character animation tools are one of the best.  Auto rigging, onion skinning, etc.  The list can keep on going.  There are many plugins that can be used to import export the animation to whatever 3D software you use (Cinema 4d, Blender, Lightwave, etc).

The only catch here, well you don’t know what their goal is.  Or when the deal will end.  From looking at how the progression has been going, the deal is probably going to last most likely until the weekend.  Hopefully, everyone who purchased can get it for that great deal.  I for one would love to start animating with it.

Want to see a sample of how great Messiah Studio is for animation, check out the trailer for “850 Meters“:

You can view more of the promotion at pmG official site at

Cool Aerial Shots

Any videoographers out there?  Well check out these.  If you need some really cool aerial shots this will give you some ideas.  Most people don’t have money to have a helicopter fly them up so that they can takes shots from above.  With a little know how you can grab an RC plane and attach a camera with it and you should be good to go.

The footage above is really good minus the little section of the plane visible to it.  Even though the footage is shaky in some instances, it was still smooth for the most part.  Any shaky footage can be cleaned up in post for a smoother look.  I’m not sure how legal it is to fly an RC plane in a downtown city, especially in New York, but none the less great shots and boy can that little plane fly really high.

A New Video Editor Is Upon Us

Looks like we have a new video editor in the block.  This one is called Lightworks.  If you look closely, this was a piece of software that was used in some big movies in the past couple of years.  One of the most recent one was Shutter Island.  Supposedly, the creators of the program is making it opensource.  Don’t know for sure since it’s too early, but things might be going the way of Blender. The website says the software is beta, but reports for the net are stating it’s far worst.  It’s more like an alpha development.  Be warned, many people have stated, that it broke some of their systems.  If you’re not  a tweaker of computers, I’d hold off on this piece of software until it matures.  If you’re just curious on what it is, then head on over to their website at