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Samsung Event Next Week

While we got an Apple event yesterday, next week we get a Samsung event.  It’ll look to be more exciting then Apple’s event.  If you watch the teaser below, you’ll notice that Samsung is debuting a new Android phone.  From the looks of it could very well be the Nexus Prime.  And hopefully with Ice Cream Sandwich to boot.  The specs should blow the iPhone 4s out of the water.  This is Samsung we’re talking about.  Will we see a quad-core chip?  A new more  cohiesive UI?  We won’t find out until next week to see what Samsung and Google have to one up the big fruit.

And Who Is Blinky?

Oh it’s just some robot who follows every word of a kid who wants everything for himself. Seriously though, this is one of those great shorts that should be done as a full length movie. It’s really weird in a way though cause it’s a cross between Wall E, i-Robot, and where the Wild Things. Take what’s great from those movies and this is the sum of those.

It’s visually done well. You would have thought that someone was in a Blinky costume, but it was all computer generated with some mocap for the movement. The rainy scene is crazy. I wonder how he got Blinky all wet and looking all so real at the same time. The story is great for the most part, but the very last scene could have been left out and let the viewer’s imagination finish it off. All in all, it’s worth watching the 10+ minute short. Just be warned you may want to screen this before showing to the little ones.

Meet Buck

From the people that brought “The Salesman“, comes another short the give your eyes some candy.  Bringing a truly different meaning to interracial dating.  I’m sure this is what the short is all about.  Technically the movie is done really well.  It seems like everything was textured to it be painted or watercolored.  The animation is very fluid.  For those CG artists out there, it makes you wondered how complex the rigging was.  Surprising how many people worked on this.  I’d really like for them to create a full featured film.

iSculptorHD For The iPad

Let me just get this off my chest.  Can we stop using the “i” or “HD” thing for titles of programs.  It’s getting annoying and old.  Now that’s been said, check out this pretty neat program called iSculptorHD.  It’s only for the ipad, but they do have iSculptor for the iPhone.  It doesn’t allow for  a lot of polys, but it is great for speed modeling and those with a fix of modeling on the go.  If you want you can work on iSculptorHD for pelimenary modeling than export the 3D object to a preferred 3D package to tweak and add more details.  Visit to grab the app.  Check out their support page HERE.

Here is the iPhone version.  Got to say, it is pretty smooth.