Flying Robots

Technology is advancing quickly.  Check what engineers are able to do today.  Those are robots that fly like something out of a movie or like a UFO.  They fly very precisely and doesn’t seem to require a lot of human controls.

There are many uses for this.  I’m not sure what right now, but I’m sure it’ll be used for surveillance.  The one thing I know will be that we will be seeing for UFO’s in the sky very soon or maybe SkyNET will be beat them to it.

Goodbye Chuck

With forgotten memories, TV’s Chuck aired its final episode #GoodByeChuck. In the last few years, this show could have ended 4 times, but fortunately it kept going and with its great writing could have gone 5 more seasons. This show combined action, comedy, quirkiness, and heart like no other movie or television I’ve seen before. If you are a real nerd, you would have found a lot of familiar elements in this show. What 90’s teen geek did not want to work at gadget heaven Best Buy? In Chuck’s Buy More, the backroom steel fences brought back my old memories of the steel fenced cages in Best Buy’s stockroom where all the video games were stored. In a recent episode, Chuck featured a popular YouTuber that only geeks would know. This show was one of the few that was able to cast numerous stars from other geek TV shows and movies, including Terminator’s Linda Hamilton, Quantum Leap’s Scott Bakula, Smallville’s Kristin Kreuk, Superman’s Brandon Routh, Matrix’s Carrie-Anne Moss, and more. Heck, even Chuck’s sister (Sarah Lancaster) was from Saved by the Bell! It seems like the only well-known sci-fi actor that didn’t guest star was Firefly’s “Nathan Fillion”.

When it came to the finale, it wasn’t about the guest stars, but about Chuck. Every fan knew this was the last year. The show felt like it would end in an extremely happy note. Chuck and Sarah were married, planning to buy a house, and talking about babies. Casey finally is falling for someone, while Morgan got his girlfriend back. Captain Awesome and Ellie were ready to start new lives in Chicago. Chuck the show, has a knack for pulling your heart out, smacking it around, and make you smile again. I thought there was no way the writers can do that in the finale as most of season 5 had its main characters floating in cloud nine. I was wrong.

By the last hour of the show, Sarah Walker had lost all her memories of Chuck and the show felt like season 1 or 2 with Chuck getting emo trying to make Sarah remember their relationship. Some fans may not like the “emo” component of Chuck, but that’s part of his character and memorable stories usually are the ones that get you teary-eyed. Plus, we can’t always be the badass Driver from the movie “Drive”. Instead of ending in an extremely happy note, we got an almost indie-movie like ending with no definitive result. In Chuck, the last scene ends with the main characters kissing, but we never know if Sarah’s memories return.

At first I didn’t like the final episode, but I kept thinking about it and re-watched the episode a second time. Jeffster’s “Take on Me” cover still made me smile. It was great seeing the supporting characters moving on and we do get hints of Sarah regaining bits of her forgotten memories. The flashbacks were memorable because they are presented as Chuck tells his story to Sarah in hopes of making her remember the past. The flashbacks reminded me that in the world of Chuck, the saddest events almost always lead to happier times. The best stories end with its characters being okay and made you care to wonder what happens next in their lives. Chuck ended with its two characters smiling and being passionate. They’re obviously okay and I’m wondering what villain Nathan Fillion will play against super Spy-Intersect couple Chuck/Sarah in the future Chuck movie. I changed my mind; this was by far the best series finale I’ve seen in a long time.

A Sneak Peek At Photoshop CS6

As always with any type of software that’s still being supported, companies are always going to make updates for it.  Adobe is no different.  There are many people that agree that Adobe has been recently been milking it with their creative suite.  Many argue that with the addition of the .5 update, it should even be a paid upgrade.  Many feel it’s more of the same and many people are forced to paying for the upgrades due to the fact that the only way to get do updates (ie software fixes) are to pay for it.  This has made a lot of people angry and with Adobe also changing the upgrade paths (no more discount for those using old software), the consumers aren’t very happy.

Well, we leave all the complaints to other sites and forums.  What I want to see is will the next Adobe iterations of the Creative Suite be enough to get everyone to upgrade?  Well if we were to look at the next Photoshop.  I’d say yes.  This looks to be an upgrade.  From first looking at it, it looks more like Cinema4D.  Heck it even has an animation timeline.  It also has a viewport for 3D.  It looks like we’ll be seeing functions starting to overlap from other softwares in the near future.  Who knows, maybe all the creative suite will just be one software and will be a jack of all trades.  Well here’s a sneak peak at one of the functions of Adobe’s new Photoshop Cs6.


The New Vimeo

Probably one of the few videos sites that doesn’t seem to make changes to their site.  Granted Vimeo is a great site.  It’s always about the video.  Ads and comments are always at the end of their list.  When the annouced an new and improved Vimeo it made me wonder how could they make it better?  Have they improved they’re already great codec for they’re video player?  Have they sped up the site searches and downloads?

Even though I don’t know how it’ll be, since it’s open to a select amount of Vimeo users.  All is pointing to a more expansion of just not the desktop experience, but mobile as well ask the living room experience.  Let hope that 2012 will bring us more great shorts and animation for all to see.

ICS For Touchpad Is Almost Here

If you haven’t noticed, the development of Gingerbread on the HP Touchpad has come to a screeching halt.  Most of the Roms (Xron, CM7) haven’t been updated in a while.  So what does it all mean?  Well the developers are starting to move onto next Android OS.

If you haven’t known, Ice Cream Sandwich was made to be used for both phones and tablets.  Gingerbread on the other hand was only made for phones.  HP Touchpad users will be able to have a true tablet OS (aside from webOS).

It seems that the CyanogenMOD are the furthest along.  It seems everything works except for the front camera.  Wifi, video and touch all work.  The only downside is that hardware video acceleration doesn’t work which is a minus.  As far as I know there are three people tweeting their progress.  I’m not sure if they belong to the CyanogenMOD team or not, but it’s good to see all this progress from around the world.  Check out their twitter:




The Creators Project

Looks like there’s another video site on the rise.  The Creators Project is a new (well technically a toddler) site that focuses more on technology and how it influences music, film, gaming and art.  In this site we get a gilmpse of the creators of said pieces and how they manage to create something as simple as electronic sounds and make some compelling music with.  Others how they used technology to create illusion.  It’s a very different site from Youtube or Vimeo.  While one is about views, the other is about the piece, the Creators Project is about the person behind the piece and their thought process.

The Creators Projects gives us interviews and behind the scenes.  The best thing about this site is that it doesn’t focus on the big acts.  It focuses on the truely innovative artists, musicians.  It’s not limited to people in the US either.  You get videos from all over the world from the UK to all the way to the east Asian countries.

Check it out at