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Ninja Vs. Pirates

I don’t know what it is about these days, but there are some great international animation teams doing great work.  Take for instance Fruit Punch Studio.  The group consists of graduates from The One Academy in Malayasia.  Ninja Vs. Pirates is pretty self explanatory.  The title says it all.  It’s a ninja against a pirate.  There are some funny moments.  Being that the ninja was on the heavy end, you kind of know what the ending was going to be about.

As far as animation goes, top notch all the way around.  Smooth and fluid as some of the big boys.  Story was simple and easily understandable.  Character design was different, but not ugly.  The colors were very vibrant and relaxed.    Hopefully this isn’t a one-time-thing and that the guys at Fruit Punch Studio create more in the future.

So Far At Mobile World Congress

So if you’ve been surfing the net, there’s this little show called Mobile World Congress happening right now. So was there anything exciting going on?  Well if you look at all the stuff shown at Engadget or Gizmodo or other tech site, the answer is a surprising no. Nothing that hasn’t been shown before.

Most notable things:

  • dual-core chips are in this year with quad-cores being the norm next year.
  • Meego might not be dead after all.
  • Verizon doesn’t care for Windows Phone 7 (That’ll change look at the iPhone)
  • Motorola doesn’t care for Windows Phone 7 either
  • tablets are getting more powerful and better (why even bother with the iPad2)
  • Android and Honeycomb will merge into phone eventually
  • tablets are gonna be hell expensive think $800+
  • No Nokia Windows Phone 7 on display.

Yeah, nothing too wowing about it.  There’s no head turners this year.  All the phones are looking the same, android looks dated, and we don’t have dates for when the Nokia WP7 comes out.  Yup,  I want my Nokia WP7 phone goddammit.    One thing I do like are some of the promotional videos.  Check these videos out for the LG Optimus 3D phone and the LG Optimus Pad (G-Slate).

Hologram Concerts

It’s not really new.  The Gorillaz first did it in 2006 with Madonna, but it looks like it’s catching on.  With the advent of Vocaloid in Japan, there are more and more people interested in the music that are being released.  If you don’t know what Vocaloid is, it is a program used to create voices.  By putting syllables together and changing the variance in the pitch, tone, and other parameters, you get a word.  No real person is singing or talking.  It’s all digital programming.  It’s has struck Japan by storm, There’s even one that made at the top of the music charts there.  Along with the vocaloid voice, they usually have characters to put an image with the voice.  They are mostly good looking female anime characters.

It’s pretty surprising how far vocaloid has come.  Now there are concerts in Japan just for it.  I’m guessing everything is live from the vocaloid to the instruments.  The techniques they use to show the character is very similar to the way the Gorillaz did it.  There seems to be improvements, but it looks like you have to be at a good range of angle before the effects turns flat.  As seen in the video, it’s really not a 3D hologram, but more of a projection.  It’s pretty surprising how good it really looks when you’re at a good distance.  When up close, you can see some artifacting going on.  I wonder how long far we are from a true hologram ala Star Wars/Star Trek.  Check out the video below.  Be warned, if you’re not accustomed to high pitched voices, hit the mute button.

It’s All About The Characters

Sometimes an animation is not always about bling and schwing (don’t know if its a word).  No matter how good it looks, if the story and animating sucks, then it won’t be a good short.  Well, not with this one.  Here the creator, Daniele Zannone,  focused on getting the prefect character animation he/she could possible get.  Not to worry though,  along with the good animation comes a really neat short story/concept.  Maybe I’ll try to work on my character animation skills.  Check out Daniele’s short called Helium.

The Pepsi Breakdown

Breakdowns.  We love them.  Here we have the breakdown for a Pepsi commercial from 1998.  It’s amazing how much work goes into a short piece like this.  All those layers upon layers is unbelievable.

Piece created by http://www.vimeo.com/marcrienzo

Modeling A Porsche 911 GT

Johnathan Williamson has another Blender tutorial for those who want to learn to model a car.  His process is poly modeling not nurbs (Blender sucks with).  Take a look and use it for your own projects.  There are a couple of parts and it’s still going.  So don’t forget to keep check www.blendercookie.com for more tutorials and updates to  the tutorial.

View Part I HERE.