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A Bimmer In Blender 2.5

Another great piece of work by Mike Pan.  You might notice him from previous Blender 3D works.  He might be most famous for doing some really good water simulations with Blender’s Fluids.  Now he’s tackling modeling  a car.  Boy does it not disappoint.  This is probably the first really good render done with Blender 2.5.  He has shown some work in progress in his blog.  He’s is doing a short animation with his BMW 335i.  The video below is just preliminary, but  hopefully he’s able to create something that looks very commercial.  Always good to see Blender being pushed by professionals.

You can visit Mike Pan’s blog HERE.  Also don’t forget to check out his website at www.mikepan.com and his Youtube site.

Zbrush 3.5 From An Artists’ Perspective

Head on over to CG Society to view this article for the upcoming Zbrush 3.5.  A couple of artists got a chance to use the program during beta.  They are describing their thoughts on the new version and how it helped them create models you see in that article.  Take a  gander.  If you’re interested in 3D and love to sculpt this program is probably the closest to it.  Check out the article here.  Find out more about Zbrush 3.5 at Pixologic’s site.

Klaas Vaak The TV Show


Another spotting of Blender.  Yeah, I know, I just have a little thing for this open source 3D program.  They created this for a Dutch TV show.  The intro and outro was done totally using Blender.  It took the artists 2 months to complete it.  The 3D stuff was created by Matt Ebb, Jeremy Davidson, and Luke Sullivan.

All I  can say is that each time I see some thing from artists using Blender, the quality is  better that the last.  The next thing you know, one of the blockbuster movies, was done in Blender (yeah I’m dreaming).  Check out the video below along with some cool sand art.

Blender Is Being Used…


in a production pipeline for a design company in the United States, specifically in Peoria, IL.  They will be using the program for creating ADs for their clients’ products which includes modeling, texturing, and lighting.  Then they will use the VRAY renderer with an Python export script.

The company is MultiAD who is a marketing and service production firm in central Illinois. They create images for consumer products for over 500 companies.  This is the first I’ve heard of a US company strictly announcing that they are using Blender in their production pipeline.  And to full use too.  How many more companies will follow suit?  Is it finally getting the recognition it deserves?

Check out the full article at Blendernation.

Mancandy Has Grown Old

Check out this little piece to promote the Blender Institute’s open movie called “Durian“.  The video is a cool and funny concept.  It does make you wonder what kind of character or thing the man is talking too.  I’ve been an avid watcher of animations that used Blender as their tool, and let me tell you, it has come a long way.  The facial animation is probably the best I’ve seen from Blender. The render is done well too.  If more professionals use it, the whole 3D world will be turned upside down.

The small piece was created by David Bolton.  He used a pre-existing model/rigg called Mancandy (opensource) and added his own flair to. Kudos for making something old new again.  This is also shows how when you focus on an  area (this being animation), the quality will always be great.