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A Sneak Peek At Photoshop CS6

As always with any type of software that’s still being supported, companies are always going to make updates for it.  Adobe is no different.  There are many people that agree that Adobe has been recently been milking it with their creative suite.  Many argue that with the addition of the .5 update, it should even be a paid upgrade.  Many feel it’s more of the same and many people are forced to paying for the upgrades due to the fact that the only way to get do updates (ie software fixes) are to pay for it.  This has made a lot of people angry and with Adobe also changing the upgrade paths (no more discount for those using old software), the consumers aren’t very happy.

Well, we leave all the complaints to other sites and forums.  What I want to see is will the next Adobe iterations of the Creative Suite be enough to get everyone to upgrade?  Well if we were to look at the next Photoshop.  I’d say yes.  This looks to be an upgrade.  From first looking at it, it looks more like Cinema4D.  Heck it even has an animation timeline.  It also has a viewport for 3D.  It looks like we’ll be seeing functions starting to overlap from other softwares in the near future.  Who knows, maybe all the creative suite will just be one software and will be a jack of all trades.  Well here’s a sneak peak at one of the functions of Adobe’s new Photoshop Cs6.


A Look Into Adobe’s Fututre

Adobe Max conference is taking place this week.  Slowly, but surely, there are things that are trickling out.  There are a lot of things that would make a lot of motion graphics designers happy.  The video below shows something that is new, but isn’t really new at all.  What you’re about to see is image mapping, but in this case it’s video mapping.

What the program does it takes the environment of the video and makes it into 3D.  Once calculated, a virtual camera can be set and you can change the view point.  You can zoom in out , pan etc.  Just like image 3D mapping, you can’t go to the extremes.  Just subtles only.  In addition you can have people (who have been rotoscoped) be placed behind objects and other things.  Also you can change focus areas and what not.

The great thing about this is it’s pretty automatic.  The user doesn’t have to use a 3D program and texture objects in 3D space.  It’s all calculated by the program.  We’re sure this will be implemented in a couple of years though.

Also did any notice how the video below the screen is like floating in the air.  They look like their using projection mapping on the stage there.  Pretty neat.

It’s Adobe CS5 Lauch Day!

That’s right folks.  The long awaited 5th creative suite is being released.  Actually you know what, why is it called a launch party when it’s not being expected til the end of the May.  Anyways, this looks to be a solid release.  For one, I believe everything is in 64 bit or probably the most used ones are.  This means a lot more faster and a lot less memory errors.  There some new gpu enhancements (only limited to certain Nvidia Cuda capable cards at the moment).  The other thing, well it looks like I can final design flash stuff without knowing any programming.  Sweet.  Let’s just hope installation and load times aren’t bad.


  • New features added to every programs
  • Bug fixes to all the programs
  • 64 bit transistion (work on bigger files, faster, and more RAM available to use)
  • It’s CS5, it the new thing out right now
  • Upgrade pricing isn’t bad (around 1/2 of a full version)


  • You’re probably not gonna use all the programs on the  CS5 Suite
  • You have got to have a 64-bit OS otherwise it won’t load up CS5
  • Plug-ins for After Effects will need to be rewritten (yep you’re gonna have to pay for those too)
  • Prices are outrage depending on what part of the world you’re in
  • You’ll want more ram, but your motherboard can only hold 8 gigs (god dammit)
  • Yeah it’ll be a costly upgrade especially those still on the Mac G5’s

Are you excited still.  Well I sure am.  Too bad they didn’t actually release it today. Bummer.  Check out more information at adobe.com.

CS5 Is Coming

So it’s that time of the year.  After a year and a half, Adobe is about to release the next version of their creative suite.  Will it be worth it?  Probably.  Even though they released CS4, CS4 features didn’t entice artists to switch for such little new features.   The cost of performance/features to price wasn’t worth it.   CS5 will most likely change that.  For one thing, more of their programs are gonna be 64 bit.  Meaning that it will now be able to use all of the ram on your system unlike the previous version which were stuck using at most 4 gigs.  Now you can open really large pictures files and have an amazing amount of ram preview in After effects.

Some suggestion I would like to have in the new CS5.  I hope that they start to utilize the gpu cores more (would be great with After Effects).  Also, make the installer quicker, why is it such a hassle.  It’s freakin way to slow.  If you’re wondering when it going to be out, well, it’s going being released on April 12.   Adobe looks like they’ll have a press event on their site as well.  If you want to see a preview of what on CS5, check out this video of Photoshop CS5 and it’s “content aware fill”.  It is just crazy if not impossible.