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It’s Adobe CS5 Lauch Day!

That’s right folks.  The long awaited 5th creative suite is being released.  Actually you know what, why is it called a launch party when it’s not being expected til the end of the May.  Anyways, this looks to be a solid release.  For one, I believe everything is in 64 bit or probably the most used ones are.  This means a lot more faster and a lot less memory errors.  There some new gpu enhancements (only limited to certain Nvidia Cuda capable cards at the moment).  The other thing, well it looks like I can final design flash stuff without knowing any programming.  Sweet.  Let’s just hope installation and load times aren’t bad.


  • New features added to every programs
  • Bug fixes to all the programs
  • 64 bit transistion (work on bigger files, faster, and more RAM available to use)
  • It’s CS5, it the new thing out right now
  • Upgrade pricing isn’t bad (around 1/2 of a full version)


  • You’re probably not gonna use all the programs on the  CS5 Suite
  • You have got to have a 64-bit OS otherwise it won’t load up CS5
  • Plug-ins for After Effects will need to be rewritten (yep you’re gonna have to pay for those too)
  • Prices are outrage depending on what part of the world you’re in
  • You’ll want more ram, but your motherboard can only hold 8 gigs (god dammit)
  • Yeah it’ll be a costly upgrade especially those still on the Mac G5’s

Are you excited still.  Well I sure am.  Too bad they didn’t actually release it today. Bummer.  Check out more information at adobe.com.