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The Saga Of Bjorn

Got a good laugh out of the Animation Workshop‘s little short called “The Saga Of Bjorn”.  If you didn’t know,  the Animation Workshop is an institution (school) in Denmark.  Of course they teach animation both tradition and CG, but apparently also an international center of knowledge and development for animation professions and business.

I don’t know what they do up there in Demnark, but the work coming out of  it is top notch.  You could say their capable of making their own feature if they were allowed more time.

Now about the short, it’s about a Viking who goes into battles.  He’s striving to reach the “Viking’s Heaven.  Only problem is that all his battles aren’t really a battle.  In order for him to reach “Viking Heaven, he has to die in battle.  Was he able to reach his goal?  Watch for yourself: