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Final Cut Pro X Has Risen

Looks like Apple finally decided that iMovie just wouldn’t cut it and industry folks were thinking of moving to Avid. Well, no more worries. The Final Cut Pro X was announced yesterday at NAB. They changed the interface to look more like iMovie and they also made it 64-bit. Oh and it looks like you don’t need to transcode your footage (unless not supported) to edit it on Final Cut Pro. Probably the biggest “Wow” is the price. Apple will be releasing their new editing software on their Mac Appstore for only $299. That is really cheap.

That price is very telling. Is Apple just figuring out that maybe if the price wasn’t so high, certain people wouldn’t get restore to other methods of using it? Or maybe the software is just a very bare-bone software where plugins and add-ons will be extra. Or maybe they just realize, releasing it at a lower price is actually more profitable than having it more expensive. Who knows, but Adobe should follow Apple with this pricing scheme.

More info at Engadget.com

4G iPhone Revealed?

It looks very plausible.  Gizmodo has the actual device on hand.  I’m surprised that they have it.  Apple even wants it back, but Gizmodo still has it. Interesting.  With how big Apple is,  I’m wondering if there’s gonna be some legal action taken or not.

Now you’re wondering why we have Apple news even though some of our articles are against Apple, well it’s new technology and whatever bias we have isn’t gonna stop us from posting hot news.

Now, if you’re too lazy to head on to Gizmodo, here are some things to know.  The screen rez is higher, front facing camera, better camera and flash on the back, new design, larger battery, and the use of micro sim.  Now who knows if this is how it will look since it could be a prototype, but with how everything leaks nowadays,  this is probably gonna be what we’ll see  in Apple’s June announcement.

Man, I wonder if the person who lost this is still working for Apple.

Check out more videos and pics at www.gizmodo.com

Stop Lying Apple iPad Lovers! Windows 7 Does Touch!

Engadget recently leaked some internal HP documents on the upcoming “HP Slate”. Sites like PC World and Wired responded to the news by instantly bad-mouthing the HP Slate and labeling Windows 7 as something “not designed for touch”.  Are these writers are MORONS?  Yes you heard me right, are they MORONS?   Why are they attacking a product that hasn’t been released yet?  A “moron” is a person lacking in good judgment.  How in the world can they claim to have good judgment about a device that they’ve never used?

In any case, I have an iPhone which I got for free and an iPod that I purchased to join the iPod bandwagon.  I’ve grown to dislike the iPod and its proprietary iTunes software that renames my MP3 files in the iPod into a bunch of gibberish names which prevents me from easily transferring files out of my iPod into my Windows desktop.  My 1st Gen iPhone is always crashing or stalling, which is quite surprising because I’m not using FLASH!  As a result of these experiences, I decided to wait for iPad Gen2 or a Microsoft competitor.  After trying out the iPad, the user experience wasn’t as fast as I thought it would be.  A car racing game loaded slowly and turning pages on a digital book had a slow animation.

I’m so glad to hear about the HP Slate and even more happy to see its sleek hardware design.  Other makers like Sony will likely release their own version with even sexier hardware designs.  It’s going to run on a full blown Windows 7 and if you don’t believe it can do touch, see the video below.  Having Windows 7 means I can run Blender3D, Photoshop, and Visual Studio if I wanted to.  If a computer is powerful enough and has a screen that’s big enough to run full applications, it should be allowed to.  This is why I don’t like the iPad as it won’t let me do anything unless it’s approved by Apple.  An operating is just an operating system; it’s only as good as the user using it.  My XP machine hasn’t had a blue screen in years, a virus never destroyed my files, and bad Flash sites only stalls my Firefox… NOT my Windows.  I want my Windows 7 Slate NOW!

Don’t believe the Apple Lovers!  Check out Windows 7 Touch and HP Slate below:

Introducing The iCade

With a slew of reviews coming out for the iPad, no one has mentioned this.  There’s this cool little add-on that would make any gamer get the iPad just for it.  Introducing the iCade:  A little add-on that turns your iPad into a full blown retro mini arcade cabinet.   Play some old school games like Pac-man, Frogger, Donkey Kong.  The list is endless.  This thing fits nicely on your desk or perfect for the little ones to improve  on their hand eye coordination.  The app is free, but the mini cabinet is not.  Get it while supplies last.  It’ll be a great collector’s item.  Quantities are in the 80’s.  Visit www.thinkgeek.com to purchase or for more info.

Note: Yeah I know it’s fake, but these things would sell like hot cakes if it were real.

Sketchpad: HTML5 and JavaScript spanks Flash

I recently found out about the online paint application, Sketchpad (http://mugtug.com/sketchpad/).  Everyone seems to think only HTML5 is responsible for this as if learning the “HTML5” markup language alone will allow them to create this wonderful app and say goodbye to Flash.  Yes, this technology will beat Flash, but you’ll probably need to know lots of JavaScript before you can start making such dynamic applications.  Take a peek at the Sketchpad source and you’ll see that it seems 90% of the script is JavaScript.  If designers thought coding in Flash ActionScript was hard, well things are about to get a little harder!  I could be wrong, but there are probably more syntax keywords and APIs to learn in JavaScript than ActionScript.  There’s JQuery and Apple’s “Canvas Element” which is the API in HTML5 that is used in Sketchpad.  You heard me right, APPLE, aka Steve Jobs, aka the pretty geeks’ computer company has a key component that’s part of the HTML5 specification.  Well, I can’t wait to learn more about HTML5, but it seems like I have to wait if I want a book.  Amazon.com currently reports that HTML5 books are only available for Pre-Order! (BTW, IE lovers, this sample app doesn’t work in IE8!)

Apple’s IPad

Well as you know they just announced the Ipad.  It’s basically a much bigger version of an iTouch/iPhone.  The only difference is that screen is larger and the processor is different.  It’s a good version one, but it’s still missing something.  Don’t get me wrong it’s a great device, but I’m not getting duped into this again.

Hopefully when they make a version 2 that it’ll have at least a webcam and mic.  At most I hope it’ll have those plus, multitasking, usb port, gps, and SD slot.  If I had the money, I’d probably still get this since I’m such a tech junkie.

Here’s the pricing for the iPad:

iPad (Wifi Only) – March release

  • $499 (16 gigs)
  • $599 (32 gigs)
  • $699 (64 gigs)

iPad (Wifi w/ 3G) – April release

  • $629 (16 gigs)
  • $729 (32 gigs)
  • $829 (64 gigs)
  • The 3G will be unlocked, but uses a micro-sim card.  It’ll be under ATT for the US at $14.99 for (250mb) or $29.99 for unlimited data. (No contracts required)

Here’s Apple’s promo.  Gotta love The Cure music in the background.  Visit the iPad site at Apple.com for more information.