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Now That’s A Good Batman

So did you check out that Batman costume that someone made?  It’s looks exactly like the one in the Batman Arkham Asylum video game.  The creators made sure to stay very true to the source with have the right colors, minute details, and just overall coolness.  Even the cowl moves when your head turns.  Maybe they should use this in Batman Begins.  This suit is much better looking than the movie ones.  Check out more at the TheEffectsLab forums.

Now We’re Talking. Batman Arkham Asylum


Could  this be the Batman game we’ve been waiting for?  All points to yes.  You’ve got Batman looking as good as ever.  The  environments are very dark and dirty.  The gadgets are here as well.  The developers also made it what Batman is all about.  Surprise  the enemies.  Making Batman very stealthy.  Gameplay seems very similar to Metal Gear Solid minus the guns and warfare.

As far as who you’ll meet up with, rest assured you won’t be disappointed.  Almost all of the main villans are here and some even make a cameo.  Enjoy the trailer of the game below.  Batman Arkham Asylum will be available on August 25 for the PS3, Xbox 360 and the PC.