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When Album Art Comes Alive

Ever wonder what happens when an album cover comes alive.  This is what happens.  If you don’t know the band, you probably should.  They’ve been compared to Weezer.  They’re famous around the world for doing Intro/outro songs for anime including Naruto.  They’re called Asian Kung Fu Generation and they’re from Japan.

Now if you do know the band, the one  thing that always tells its an AKG album is the artwork.  The artwork is very clean.  It looks to be done in all vectors.  Colorful, story like, and distinctive.  In their music video  Atarashii Sekai (New World), the artist (Yusuke Nakamura also a musician) for their albums created the video.  It told the history of the album artworks.   It kind of cool cause there is a connection within each art.  It kind of ties it all together.  Check out some of the album covers.


You can visit Asian Kung Fu Generation’s official site HERE.  I don’t think that Yusuke Nakmura has his own site, but I could be wrong.