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Autodesk 123D

Looks like there is more reason to get an #iPad.  #Autodesk just released their small sculpt program called 123D.  The easiest way to describe this program is to those that are familiar with #sculptris, the idea is very similar.  With 123d, they provide you with a base mesh (car, dog, people, etc), then you alter it to your liking.  You can even texture it easily and the results are very good.  Heck, you don’t even need to UV unwrapped the model.  At the moment, there isn’t an export for it.  I’m sure in the future they will.  I’m guessing they are aiming this to a certain young group though and that’s why they opted to not include the export, but what I know is that the Windows version, you could send it out to get it be 3D printed.  Advancements in the 3D are sure getting there.  You can’t do more complicated models yet with 123D (maybe due to ram constraints), but in due time we’ll get there.  3D modeling is truly becoming mobile.


Autodesk Live Streaming (SIGGRAPH ’09)

A little reminder.  Autodesk is streaming their Siggraph presentations live online for three days.  They’ll have presentations from companies who use their software.  It also includes how those companies create their projects.  Pretty entertaining and informative.  You can check it out at Autodesk’s website.  They also have included a schedule of who’s on at what day and time.  Live streaming will be on August 4th to the 6th.

Click HERE to watch

What’s New In Autodesk at SIGGRAPH ’09

Looks like Autodesk announced some info on their software lineup for the fall season.  Most importantly and probably the biggest news is that Maya will only be sold as one product.  No more “Complete” or “Unlimited”.  They also reduced the price more in line withe 3DMAX 2010.  At the same time bundling other software that would make Maya worth over$10,000+.  One has to wonder how long will Autodesk go with the naming scheme using the years.  Which implies that they will update  every year.  I think they shouldn’t do these yearly upgrades.  And how much will they keep bundling software to their 3D package.  I think in the near future we’re going to see an Adobe trend where you can buy all Autodesk software for one reasonable price.  Kind of like the Master collection of the Adobe Creative Suite.  In the end the consumer benefits.  Take a short look at the some of things they added.

Mudbox 2010:

  • PSD support
  • UV space texture workflow with  photoshop,
  • FBX support,
  • Dry brush
  • New UVsmoothing

click HERE for more information.

Softimage 2010:

  • GigaCore III
  • FaceRobot Toolset
  • Improved F-Curve Editor Performance
  • Enhanced Reference Model
  • ICE

Click HERE for more information.
Maya 2010:

  • Advanced Simulation Features
  • High Performance Compositing
  • Professional Camera Tracking
  • MSRP $3500

Click HERE for more information.