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Juggernaut In The Making

Check out this cool timelapse of modeling Juggernaut in 3D.   It takes you from basic modeling to sculpting all the way to retopology.  MmAaXx the person who created this doesn’t take any shortcuts.  Everything is modeled and careful to make most of the topology really good.

The model design itself is very good.  Very realistic yet has that almost photoshopped look.  It’s a really good take on Marvel’s Juggernaut.  If you’re just a beginning modeler or just like to see what goes in the making of a character, watch the video below.  Make to grab something eat a play some music as the video is over 1 hour long.


Life In Macrospace

See what you can do with a little macro shooting and some 3D skills.  Check out  Gecko Animation’s logo animation.  The video has some great interesting subject.  Add the great sound design and you’ve got a well composed shot that’s sure to keep the audience wanting more.  Even just for a logo animation, I’d like see more.


The Risk Not Taken

Here’s another great creation by Alex Glawion.  Known for his abstract shorts.  Also known in the Blender community for using Blender for modeling, animating, and rendering.  In his latest short, his graduation film, he shows a little teaser of  “The Risk Not Taken”.  Not much is known about this short, but Alex plans to premiere it at the Blender Conference this year.

Blender’s New Camera Tracking

So it’s summer time in the northern hemisphere.  What does that mean, well that mean Google SoC (Summer of Code) is happening.  One of the great notable things about this is that programmers tackle some aspect of programming.  Luckily, there are programmers willing to work on Blender.

The biggest thing to happen to Blender this summer is the the addition or the programming of a new camera tracking built right into Blender.  Now remember, camera tracking has many possibilities not only just items added to the screen.  It also can allow for a camera stabilization in post.   The camera tracking in Blender (being programmed as we speak) is able to do 2D and 3D tracking.  From the looks of the progress, this will most likely put Blender in the eyes of many.

With 3D being used in conjunction with video nowadays, camera tracking software is a must to get the most out of the video.  Camera tracking software is expensive, but with the one being programmed for Blender.  Indies and any other people who want to use don’t have to worry about their budget, just have to worry about making their vision come to life.

Check out this video by Sebastian Koenig who played around with the new camera tracking software in Blender.  Remember he’s a user of Syntheyes (a great software for a price) and his praises are very encouraging.

Real Time Render With Blender

Let’s how long this will be integrated officially into Blender. Developer Brecht van Lommel who was once a Blender developer left the institute to work for Refractive Software the creator of the Octane renderer. After a month, has left his post there and returned to his beloved home the Blender Institute.

So did he bring back anything? It may just be a conicidence, but he created a working gpu/unbiased renderer for Blender. I’m so glad that the Blender Internal is getting a face lift. Not that it was bad, it just seems outdated, and kind of slow. Yes it’s powerful with the node editor, but it could use some updating. Hopefully Brecht can integrate this new renderer to work with the node editor for the old schoolers.

What will (considering this is a very early build) this new render get us? How about real time rendering with using either cpu or gpu or both. Real GI and quicker Dof and motion blur. If the renderer is fully stable, I believe that this will put Blender in the ranks of many artists. Just a renderer alone like that would cost at least $500. If there are no complications of it, this will get Blender in the eyes of professionals. View the video below and watch your jaw drop.

Rendering Through The Internet

Looks like things are starting to move forward. If you’re a 3D artist and also a Blender user, you can now render you work through the internet. Think of it as a render farm, but it’s all over the world. It depends on how many people go and sign and let their computers be used in the render farm. It’s pretty cool if you’re computer is pretty slow and you need some renders quick.

If you’re rendering something commercially or under NDA then this wouldn’t pertain to use as images/video of your renders might be used for the promotion of the service. If you’re a hobbyist and generally don’t care for what happens to your render, then this is a great service. The only thing, how do you get back all the finished frames? Will I have to download all that data back. Looks like people’s caps on the internet will be met soon than later. If you’re interested check out www.renderfarm.fi for more information or to be a participant.