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A Video Fitting For Halloween

Check out this really cool music video. You’re wondering what’s software they used huh. Well the major one is Blender and some compositing in After Effects. It’s pretty crazy that Blender is being used in all sorts of things these days.  Yeah, I know.  I talk a lot about Blender in this blog, but I have a soft spot for a piece of software that is opensource and does so much for so little.  The actual music video isn’t English, but it’s still pretty good to listen to.  If you’re wondering who the band is, they are called Calla 13.  A Puerto Rican band that won a Latin Grammy Award.  Wished the video was subtitled.  Oh well, the visuals are great none the less.

Sintel: More Fuel For Blender

The Blender Institute has finally released the new short for 2010.  Sintel is on to the masses.  Many have seen it and overall have positive things to say.

Visually for the most part the quality was great.  There are areas that could have been worked on, but still impressive.  Its polished is comparable to Big Bucks Bunny, but I think the character models excluding the dragons weren’t on par.  The environments on the other hand was breath taking.  Some areas could have used some better shadows, but it was really good.  Loved the city alleys, the cave, and that big tree (yeah look at that logo).  Texturing was great.  Weapon had a lot of detail and dragons themselves too.

As far as the story goes,  I think this was the best of all the Blender open movies.  I wished it was a lot longer.  Have more of Sintel’s journey/conflicts and the aftermath after the ending.  This short could have really gone longer, but with time constraints and money it couldn’t.  FYI, this short wasn’t supposed to be this long (12+ minutes).  It was supposed to be only around 6-7 minutes.  Glad they extended it otherwise the story would have sucked.  Anyways, enjoy the short.  Make sure to support them by buying their DVD which includes more things like assest for you to fiddle with, behinds the scene and probably a lot of concept art.

Sintel Out September 30

That’s right folk.  The long awaited short by the Blender Institute is premiering to the world on September 30.  Well I for one can’t wait.  Let’s see if they can top their last short by having something visually epic and a very good story.  I wonder when people will start receiving their DVDs too.  It’s been a long wait, but I’m sure it won’t disappoint.

Blender 2.54 Beta Released

Blender 2.54 Splash

The Blender world is progressing.  Not much new in this release.  The only difference is they reworked the API so some scripts will need to be changed.  Also,  the coders have fixed some 200 bugs.  Talk about dedication.  Listen to their users and fixing what counts.  There are still more, but they will be working on those as well.  The only negative is that the .obj exporter is broken.  I don’t know how hard it is, but I guess they couldn’t fix.  Anyways check it out and head on over to Blender.org for the beta release.

Blender’s Little Soda Commercial

I was once doing an ice cube in Blender.  I never really got too far, but if you check out the videos below, it’s truely amazing how far Blender has come.  In the hand of the right people with the right tools, nothing is impossible.  Make sure to check out the making of as well.

Making of: