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Ninjas, Ninjas, Ninjas

You just can’t get enough of them.  If you want to see more check out this trailer.  It’s was created  by five people.  Three were in charge of the animation and two where in charge of sound and music.  Now if you haven’t noticed, the style is very 80’s to early 90’s.  To me it reminds me of the Ninja Turtles, the animation the came out like 2 years ago. What’s even stranger is the ninjas themselves reminds me of the ninjas in Mortal Kombat.  Maybe because of the colors of their suits.  I was waiting for one of them to “Get Over HERE”.  Anyways enjoy the video don’t forget to check out their deviantart page at boom-bros.deviantart.com.

Mancandy Has Grown Old

Check out this little piece to promote the Blender Institute’s open movie called “Durian“.  The video is a cool and funny concept.  It does make you wonder what kind of character or thing the man is talking too.  I’ve been an avid watcher of animations that used Blender as their tool, and let me tell you, it has come a long way.  The facial animation is probably the best I’ve seen from Blender. The render is done well too.  If more professionals use it, the whole 3D world will be turned upside down.

The small piece was created by David Bolton.  He used a pre-existing model/rigg called Mancandy (opensource) and added his own flair to. Kudos for making something old new again.  This is also shows how when you focus on an  area (this being animation), the quality will always be great.

From The Hoop


Yep, here is another short created from Supinfocom.  The animation was directed by 3 students.  Anthony Arnoux, Remi Dessinges  and Guillaume Fesquet made the film inspired by Earl Manigault, a basketball player who lost everything to drugs.  During his late life, he dedicated his time helping the kids in Harlem avoid the same mistakes he’s had.

Looking at the piece, I never really knew what the animation was about.  After reading the explaination, it really made more sense to me.  I don’t know what their teaching their students at Supinfocom, but don’t stop.  The stuff that is coming out of that school can be mistaken for something from one of the major studios.

Let’s enjoy the short and visit the website where you’ll learn more of the making of  “From The Hoop” at www.fromthehoop.com.

Avatar Trailer Has Been Released


Looks good, but I don’t know.  The CG characters still looks CG.  It does look crystal clear though.  Maybe what James Cameron was waiting for was not the technology for CG, but the technology for 3D.  I think this movie is really gonna shine with those 3D glasses.  Lets see what happens.   You know it’s gonna be big when the trailers are only available in HD.  Enjoy the trailer below.  HD available at Apple.com.

Video Courtesy of Apple Movie Trailers

New Astro Boy Trailer


The new trailer for Astro Boy came out.  It shows a little more of the story for the movie.  In my opinion they really got the feel for the character.  He also seems to be a little  older than in the cartoons or comics.

Anyways, IMAGI is doing the animation for this.  IMAGI is a Hong Kong based animation studio.  They are best known for doing the CG animated TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).  From the looks of it, the company has picked up some new techniques.  As you can very well see, the image quality has improved siginifcantly from their previous projects.  I never thought they were going to finish this movie, as there has been some rumors a while back that money was an issue and IMAGI had to shutdown for a while.  I’m just glad this were able to complete it.  Now can someone please make a Mega Man movie.  Come on Capcom, you know you want to.

Astro Boy Official Movie Site : HERE

IMAGI website : HERE

Video courtesy of Youtube