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Dark Knight Teases Us

Looks like if you saw the last Harry Potter, then you also saw a preview of the Dark Knight Rises.  Nothing is special about the trailer.  It’s just footage from the previous films and short new footage.  Remind you the Dark Knight Rises just started filming so there isn’t much to show anways.

In my opinoin, they should have just done what they did for the Dark Knight trailer, show the Bat sign with some voice overs.  Instead they gave us the teaser which was a mixture of the first and second teaser.  Anyways if you haven’t seen the teaser check out the unofficially released one before it’s taken down: Dark Knight Rises Teaser.

Also anyone noticed what looks to be the Superman symbol in the poster above?

UPDATE:  Teaser trailer has now officially been released.  Check out below.

So Who Has The Better Voice, Bale Batman or Conroy Batman?

Well apparently Kevin Conroy (the one that voices the animated Batman) disagrees with Bale’s Batman voice.  At the recent C2E2, Kevin Conroy was commenting on Bale’s Batman voice and he didn’t like it at all.  I’m sure a lot of people will agree just like the people in the audience.  I’m gonna have to agree with Kevin’s statement.  Bale’s voice is kind of rough like Batman is drunk.  It’s like Bale is trying too hard to create that voice.  I get that you don’t want to sound like Bruce Wayne, but come on, Bale’s Batman voice just doesn’t fit the Batman.    Oh well, the third Batman film will be made and we’ll still get Bale’s “trying too hard” Batman voice.