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Dark Knight Teases Us

Looks like if you saw the last Harry Potter, then you also saw a preview of the Dark Knight Rises.  Nothing is special about the trailer.  It’s just footage from the previous films and short new footage.  Remind you the Dark Knight Rises just started filming so there isn’t much to show anways.

In my opinoin, they should have just done what they did for the Dark Knight trailer, show the Bat sign with some voice overs.  Instead they gave us the teaser which was a mixture of the first and second teaser.  Anyways if you haven’t seen the teaser check out the unofficially released one before it’s taken down: Dark Knight Rises Teaser.

Also anyone noticed what looks to be the Superman symbol in the poster above?

UPDATE:  Teaser trailer has now officially been released.  Check out below.

And Here Is Bane

So this is the start of the the Dark Knight Rises Viral.  Nothing is known other than which actors play which character.  One thing is know is how Bane will look.  We’re treated to a pic of Bane.  As simple as the shot is, as always with Nolan’s direction it sure looks to be another great Batman movie.  I wonder if their gonna even have Bane get bigger, but not to over the top that it looks ridiculous.


If you’re also wondering, Warner Brothers also put up a website for the movie.  Not much is there (nothing but black at the moment).  You’ll sure to find more sneak peaks and other tasty treats there in the future.  Visit it here at www.darkknightrises.com.