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A Sneak Peek At Photoshop CS6

As always with any type of software that’s still being supported, companies are always going to make updates for it.  Adobe is no different.  There are many people that agree that Adobe has been recently been milking it with their creative suite.  Many argue that with the addition of the .5 update, it should even be a paid upgrade.  Many feel it’s more of the same and many people are forced to paying for the upgrades due to the fact that the only way to get do updates (ie software fixes) are to pay for it.  This has made a lot of people angry and with Adobe also changing the upgrade paths (no more discount for those using old software), the consumers aren’t very happy.

Well, we leave all the complaints to other sites and forums.  What I want to see is will the next Adobe iterations of the Creative Suite be enough to get everyone to upgrade?  Well if we were to look at the next Photoshop.  I’d say yes.  This looks to be an upgrade.  From first looking at it, it looks more like Cinema4D.  Heck it even has an animation timeline.  It also has a viewport for 3D.  It looks like we’ll be seeing functions starting to overlap from other softwares in the near future.  Who knows, maybe all the creative suite will just be one software and will be a jack of all trades.  Well here’s a sneak peak at one of the functions of Adobe’s new Photoshop Cs6.


Sa Silid

I don’t think I’ve done a post in a while showing music videos using motion graphics and special effects. Well today I’ll do that.  Today we’ll be showing SouthSuperHighway (SLEx) a band from the Philippines.  The song is Sa Silid.   Though the song is sung in Filipino (Tagalog), it’s somewhat’s understandable what’s the song about through the visuals.  In a nutshell, it’s a relationship where they get into a fight due to the fact the other was seen cheating.  It’s a pretty simple song, but the way it’s sung it’s pretty catchy and sad at the same time.

As far as the visuals go,  It’s pretty well done.  Probably the only thing lacking is some of the animations, but that’s probably due to time and budget.  The look and feel was great as well as the cuts too.  If you really want to know what they used as their 3D software, they used Cinema4D.  It looks like their budget was small, but in the end the outcome was more than satisfactory.  It’s really good that the video graphics industry in the country has grown.  If you’re interested, you  can find out more about SouthSuperHighway at http://www.myspace.com/thesouthsuperhighway or http://thesouthsuperhighway.multiply.com/.

Cinema 4D R12 Released

Not much to say about this release.  I don’t really think it worth upgrading to.  The only great thing about it is the new linear workflow as well as a new render queue which is a time saver.  There is also the inclusion of Python scripting which opens a whole new world for C4D.  Other than that, nothing really screams buy me.  The cloth dynamics has been improved, but how much are you really going to use it for your projects.  Anyways to get more information and to decide for yourself head on over to Maxon for the full detail and price.

Cinema 4D r11.5 Released Today

Maxon today released the new update to Cinema4D.  New enhancements including render instances, enhanced picture viewer, better integration and support for the new Mac OSX Snow Leopard and Windows 7.  Also what most people will truely like about it is better memory management.  Pretty much ensuring that the program will not crash when your scene is very big.  There are new motion graphics capabilities for those that work in motion design.  Check the link at www.maxon.net.

Here’s a video of some of the features

Here’s what is possible.  No Keyframing used. (Note: Slow Connection)