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Boardwalk Empire VFX Breakdown

Nothing like showing the magic behind creating a very old looking environment.  I don’t know what Boardwalk Empire is (don’t have HBO), but the behind the scenes is truely amazing.  From the green screening, to  3D models.  The work is top notch.  It also shows how much work goes into these things.  For concept, pre-viz, to final that’s a lot of hardwork, man-power and equipment power.  Check the video below:

The Pepsi Breakdown

Breakdowns.  We love them.  Here we have the breakdown for a Pepsi commercial from 1998.  It’s amazing how much work goes into a short piece like this.  All those layers upon layers is unbelievable.

Piece created by http://www.vimeo.com/marcrienzo

Hear This, Free Green Screen Plates

Looks like someone is being generous to the digital community.  Thanks to Blendernation and Tony Mullen for the tip.  Hollywood Camera Works are giving some free green screen plates including HD and Tracker points for those who want to do 3D tracking and compositing.  I think this is great for students and other who want to experiment with compositing and 3D tracking.  You can grab it at the Hollywood Camera Works website.  Please read the terms if you’re not sure where it’s ok to use it.

Hollywood Camera Work