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Once Upon A Time

So did anyone see this show last night?  The premise seems really good.  If you haven’t seen or heard of  it, it’s all about our childhood fairytale characters.  The only difference is it takes place in present day.  Long story short, the Queen wants to ruin everyone in fairy tale land.  Her most biggest evil?  Basically everyone is moved to the “real world” and all the characters live in this one city called Storybrook.  The problem is that everyone doesn’t remember who they are.  Another thing,  they’re all humans (maybe/maybe not, I’m not sure).

The first episode or what everyone calls the pilot, I thought it was pretty engaging.  The boy for some reason knows the whole truth from this one book his teacher gave him who is actually the Princess.  The evil queen is the boy’s adopted mother who seems like the one of the few who still knows what’s she done.  The boy sets out to find his real mom who is actually the Princess’s daughter (Emma).

I know I know, it does get kind of confusing, but you’ll get it when you watch the show.  Anyways the adopted mother is very mean to Emma who you can tell already know something is already going off.  All the while this is happening, we get a lot of flashback/interdimensional shot to fairy tale land of what aspired to the current event.

As far as production, the fairytale sets look great.  The studio in charge did a great job.   Then take the special effects and you can tell they put a bigger budget compare to Terra Nova.  With One Upon A Time, it looked like it could have been a movie.  It felt pretty grand.

I’m looking forward to next week’s episode.  I’m also looking forward to see Grimm as well.  I’m such a sucker for fantasy type shows.   Hopefully the executives don’t pull the plug on them with out first finishing a story.  I hate it when they do it (Terminator, The Event, V, etc).  If you want just a sample of what you see check out the video below.  From what I’ve heard, this show isn’t for the little one’s.



A Day At Pixar

You may know him, or you may not, but he’s name is synonymous with Pixar.  John Lasseter, the guy in charge of many movies done at Pixar.  This video you’re about to see is just a day at what Mr. Lasseter does.  I must say that’s his home is the amazing.  Trains, toys, and other fun stuffs.  The man is a kid stuck in a man’s body.  Then he takes you to Pixar.  Now if you’re into 3D or animation, this place is the holy grail of them all.  You’d actually want to stay here and not leave.  If you’re watching the video though, there is a sense of fearness in some of the people though.  Is it cause their afraid of the camera or just the stress of creating a movie that’s better than the previous.

If you’ve got time, grab some snacks and relax because what you’re about to see is one of the best “A day in the life..” video in recent years.


Cars 2 Out Today

Well, looks like the race is back on. I wonder what new obstacles Lightning Mcqeen will have here? Will he travel around the world? I’m not sure, but you’ll probably see some cameos from the Planes movie.

Mickey Is Back

Check out the intro movie to Mickey Mouse’s new video game called Epic Mickey.  The feeling I get is more like the Kingdom Heart games.  The game seems very dark, but with a Disney touch to it.  As far as the intro goes, it looks to be rendered in real-time (check the anti-aliasing).  I’m surprised it’s in HD because you know that the game is only coming out to the Wii and it’s supposedly not capable of HD.  With Mickey, he always so curious. Playing with thing and creating trouble.  Is this what Curios George was created from?  Anyways, it looks to be fun.

If you’re don’t know what the game play is about, it’s pretty much an adventure game where Mickey has a paintbrush and you can paint things or erase things to your liking or to help you progress in the game.  I’d really like to play this game, but it’s for the Wii.  It looks so outdated not being in HD.

Toy Story 3: Is It The End?

Saw the third installment of Toy Story.  I gotta say that Pixar never disappoints.  There’s a lot more great point than bad points.  Probably the only bad points were that it’s darker (literally in tone and environment for the youngins) than the last two and they didn’t have a music number like “You’ve Got A Friend In Me”.  Believe me, I’m not into music numbers in during a movie.

As always the animation was top notch.  What’s funny was when ever I see Ken and Barbie interacting, I was always thinking of Robot Chicken.  The way Ken and Barbie moved was exactly how the characters in the Robot Chicken skits moved.  It was hilarious.  If you’re a big anime fan, you should have noticed Totoro in one of the scenes.  They should have put Voltron in there to help out Buzz.  That would have been great.

I thought the story was pretty good as well and you might be surprised at the end with what all the toys including Buzz and Woody went through.  I don’t know if the ending is sad or happy or both, but Toy Story 3 is or will be another classic added to Pixar’s catalog (which is every freaking movie they made).