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This E.T. 2 In The Mind…

Of a certain fan. Yep, this isn’t real. This just people that loves E.T. and would love to see a sequel even if the studios don’t want to give us one. The funny thing about this trailer is you can’t quite tell if they’re making fun of the original or not. You’ve got the kid in the original all grown up. Then you have his little sister (Drew Barrymore) all grown up, but looks like a mess. Then you have a scene where they show a picture of the little sister, but she isn’t shown as a little girl. She’s shown as an adult dressed up as a little girl.

The story in this sequel isn’t about E.T. going home again, but the save the world from not a different kind of alien, but E.T.’s own kind. Apparently not all E.T.s are like E.T.s. They start shooting fire out of their finger. It’s hilarious. Taking scenes from certain movies, they really created a pretty convincing trailer. One question, how did they get the guy who does the voice overs for the trailer?