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Asus Ep121: An Artist’s Dream Tablet

Things are looking mighty fine for tablets in the year 2011.  Not only are there an abundent amount of Android tablets, there are also new players in the game like RIM with their Playbook and HP WebOS tablets.  Probably the one that is really catching a lot of attention is the one by Asus. Called the EeePad  e121, it’s a 12in slate tablet that runs Windows7.

The specs are truely amazing for such a thin device.  It’s got 12″ (1280×800 resolution) IPS display that is both a capacitive and a Wacom digitizer.  Yeah you heard that right, a Wacom digitizer.  Not only that, but it also has a core I5 processor.  It’s not a Core2Duo nor an Atom processor.  A full blown updated (hopefully a Sandy-Bridge) processor.  Now the only two drawbacks I see are the Intel HD graphics, but hopefully it’s the much newer version that comes out with the new Sandy-Bridge processors.  The other thing is the battery-life.  It’s not the greatest, but it’s in line with any laptop these days.  From intials testings from people around the web that’s got it, it’ last around 3-4 hours.  I’m not really surprised since it runs an Intel core I5 processor, it has 12″ screen with  touch and Wacom pen and it’s only slighty thicker than an iPad.  Did I mention that this tablet is affordable for what you get?  It will retail for $1000.  That’s cheap I tell.  Anyways, take a gander at the video below.